Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Under Toad is history

I finished the Under Toad (aka Undercurrent)! I've apparently done nothing but knit this summer because I've now finished my third sweater in three months (although that first one, the Waltham, I started in January so maybe it doesn't count; the second one is the Laura Petrea).

I will do a formal lessons learned soon, but as you can see, I made this sweater longer to wear with jeans. The hem still curves in under my butt which ain't a good thing, but I did add extra ease through the hips to eliminate some of it. The extra length covers the bain of my existence (aka belly) and for that I am grateful.

My greatest achievement: eliminating the extraneous fabric at the back of my waist. Although the Petrea fit me well (see below), it still left extra sweater congregating at my waist. I solved this problem with the Under Toad and am proud of this major achievement.

Why did I venture into forbidden horizontal stripes? Because the BBC said I could (see this posting to learn more about why horizontal stripes are more slimming than vertical ones). All I have to say from this experience is that I don't think the stripes make me look wider. Let's face it: I AM wide. There's not a sweater mod in the world that's going to make me look narrow. But I can look my best. 

I love the wide collar that morphs into a hood. Unfortunately, I don't have a good picture from the back, but I hope to get someone to take better photos of me modeling my last three creations soon. I also love the buttons which are just perfect for this cardigan.

Check this out... when I was taking these photos this afternoon, I realized that my sweater matches my living room exactly. I can leave this sweater draped on my couch and no one will think I'm sloppy.


  1. That looks wonderful!!! I had to unlurk to comment on that great stripey sweater. For some reason, the arms are particularly nice.

  2. You look WONDERFUL in the sweater. It's been very helpful and inspiring to watch your journey. Thanks for all you do to share.

    PS. Are you coming to Knitters Day Out near Harrisburg, PA? Kathy Zimmerman is going to be a teacher there.

  3. You absolutely rock, Julie!! You look marvelous.

  4. Now I see it from the front as well, and I love it 2x over!
    Perfect length.
    LOL...ur right..perfect decor match.
    Perfect fall cardigan.

  5. I love that sweater! And you're right - the eye moves up from stripe to stripe, rather than sideways along the stripes. And the colors! It's beautiful! (although I'd still like to see you rock that with a black pencil skirt and boots, with a black tee underneath!)

  6. Congratulations! Under Toad looks just great! The extra fabric along the waist has entirely disappeared, the colors and buttons are just perfect, the length is very flattering, especially with pants, and it also looks to me like you solved the problem with the fit around the armhole. Wow! A perfect sweater! Way to go!

  7. I especially loved the comment "I AM wide..." This speaks of acceptance that who and what you are is a good thing. Not "I'd be better if I was this or that-but I am good enough as I am". You look great and have encouraged me to work on my own. After Deb's sweater.

  8. Okay, first of all, and I can't say it enough, I cannot believe how quickly you knit! 3 sweaters in one summer!!! Unbelievable.

    Second, WOW! The back adjustments solved that extra material at your waist. You are so inspiring!

    Third, you really make that sweater look good. Thank you so much for sharing all this information!

  9. Oh my goodness, that sweater is gorgeous and it looks great on you. I love the yarn, the stripes, the tidy back-of-waist, and buttons. What a successful project, congratulations.

    As for your SPEED -- you're totally on a roll.

    Thanks for sharing with us; I love your blog.

    Linda in NY

  10. Julie--

    Just beautiful!!

    Chris (chrisg26 on Ravelry)

  11. I love it and it fits so well. I think you've broken the back of getting a good fit.
    I read the article on striping and if it makes me look taller, I'm in for the stripes!

  12. It turned out fantastic, Julie. Thanks for the BBC article link.

  13. Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant!