Sunday, August 28, 2011

What I did during the hurricane

First, a quick update on Tom versus the hurricane. He is okay and his house is okay but a tree fell on his SUV. Last I heard, he was headed out with a chain saw - he never sounded happier in his life. I'm apparently dating the Brawny guy, except my dude is bald.
As many of you pointed out today, this is DEFINITELY a man thing. And I am without a doubt a woman who just doesn't get it.

Anyway. So what else have I been doing other than surviving earthquakes, hurricanes, and a lumberjack boyfriend? Knitting of course. I am working on that Mighty Acorn I wrote about the other day and it's coming along well. The Quercus pattern uses an interesting top-down construction technique that begins with a provisional cast-on. You then knit the upper back; unravel the provisional cast-on; pick up the stitches; put most of them on two holders; and then use the rest to knit the first upper front, as shown below.

I'm adjusting the fit as I go; like on my last sweater, I'm making the crossfront (for the lack of a better word, meaning the space between my shoulders above the bustline) wider than the crossback (the space between the shoulder blades in the back). I pinned it on the duct tape dress form and it fits perfectly, as far as I can tell. I'm also increasingly in love with the Nashua Creative Focus Worsted yarn. It is truly gorgeous.

Now back to work. I am going to knit and distract myself by watching the Jersey Shore's big fight between Ron and the Situation. Watching Ronnie come to blows with Mike is SO much more fun than watching him argue with Sam. This is my guilty pleasure. Kind of like eating potato chips for dinner.


  1. I guess it wouldn't be cool to mention that if Tom's SUV had been parked at your house, maybe a tree wouldn't have fallen on it. Just saying.... he-he-he!
    What an interesting construction technique on the Acorn. It looks great so far.
    What is Jersey Shore? Is it a TV program??? I have a cultural deficit, I think.

  2. You sure knit fast.This project is going to be a nice one.

    I am relieved you don't watch Jersey in anticipation of following Snooki's antics.That chick is so wild and crazy.

    re Tom: bald is HOT!