Thursday, September 15, 2011

Way more than 9 Famous Sweaters

Oh, you'll really enjoy this post from Found Item Clothing. A crack team of graphic artists illustrated nine iconic sweaters from popular culture. I love it!

But there are a few sweaters that are missing from this Knitwear Hall of Fame. For example, this painting of the Prince of Wales sporting his beautiful fair isle jumper launched a craze that continues to this day.

Speaking of royalty, you know how much I love the angora bolero Kate Middleton wore to her wedding reception.

For another beauty donning a sweater,  how about Marilyn Monroe in the cowichan cardigan?

Or the original sweater girl herself, Lana Turner?

One of my favorites is Coraline and her star sweater which was handknitted by Althea Crome (watch her knitting in action).

One of the most famous sweaters ever: the Harry Potter Weasley jumper (this entry is dedicated to Katie Kearney).

Now for some TV star sweaters. I've blogged previously about The Killing and it's most famous Faroe pullover.

Laverne's monogrammed L takes me back to the 70s... how about you?

And while we're back in the day, don't forget Richie Cunningham's letter sweater from Happy Days.

Finally, who could omit the good man himself, Charlie Brown, and his famous zig zag sweater?


  1. Fiona Ellis (Candian designer) once kidded that she counts knitted garments in every movie she watches and grades them. Only a 'one knit' movie or higher is worth watching over!

  2. You forgot to mention Bill Cosby's sweaters on The Cosby Show!

  3. Those are great suggestions, all. We may revisit this post the road... thanks!


  4. Amazing work, Travis. I hope you do! I'll definitely blog about you again.


  5. woar! is kate middleton really thaaaaat skinny? ugh!