Thursday, October 20, 2011

Okay, I lied

Earlier this week, I dissed my poor Waltham after it failed to pass muster for a biz casual client meeting. Well, last night I tried the Waltham again, this time with a gray tank top and jeans to wear on my dinner date with the beloved BF. Really cute, warm, and snuggly in my favorite Ultra Alpaca, plus the shape emphasized my curviness, too. Best of all, no one asked me if I'd made my cardigan - woo hoo!

So I'm sorry, dear Waltham. You deserve better. I promise to wear you with pride forever more (or until the moths get to you anyway).


  1. Julie, I'm so glad you and your Waltham are back together again! I hate to see a good relationship go down the drain.
    Even though the Waltham has fancy looking patterning, mine seems to go better with the casual jeans look. Which is good because that's my ONLY look!
    Wish you had taken a picture!

  2. I'm with you weaverpat, jeans all the way, but I still think the Waltham looks amazing on Julie. Beautiful knitting, stunning colour and a gorgeous girl to wear it, what more could you want?