Tuesday, October 18, 2011

We need another fairy tale

Once upon a time, Little Red Riding Hood (aka the Knitting Industry) set off with a basket of food for her sick grandmother. Then the Big Bad Wolf (aka Julie) came out and said, "Enough with the red hooded capes already!"

Enough indeed. A five-minute meander through the woods of Ravelry proves my point precisely.

Scarlet Capelet

Into The Woods

These are just the adult versions; there are also little red capes for real Little Red Riding Hoods!

Little Red Riding Hood's Cape

It's time for all of Knittingdom to adapt knitting patterns for other fairy tales. Perhaps Alice in Wonderland's white pinafore? Or Snow White's medieval prom dress? Or maybe we'll just settle for the nakedness of the Emperor's New Clothes - assuming he's a cute emperor. There are male unmentionables available on Rav after all...


  1. LOL!!!, Julie! I just had to go there! Some of the 'male unmentionables' are great fairy tales, or maybe just wishful thinking.
    Ah, red capes. A bit overdone, but I do like the scarlet capelet but I promise to make it in some other color!

  2. lol, Pat... couldn't agree more! And a red capes are lovely... go for it!


  3. Thanks for this selection :)

    Red is glamour, red is feminity, red is a good color for this winter.

    Mais qui a peur du grand méchant loup ? (i have used little red riding hood for a publicity there's some days (with a red coat and great hoodie).


  4. I love red, too... it's my best color. Thanks for writing, Alfafa :-)