Sunday, October 16, 2011

What's next

Perhaps they're listenting? The knitting industry - or some of the constituents anyway - seems to be offering  larger sizes for more patterns. And not just incredibly simple drop-shoulder pullovers that can be made for anyone just by making three rectangles and sewing them together.  No. What we're finally getting are absolutely gorgeous designs sized for ample wearers.

This morning I have two soon-to-be-released gems to share with you. First, have you heard about Coastal Knits, authored by Alana Dakos and Hannah Fettig? This self-published book delivers 10 knitted wonders right to your doorstep - and in larger sizing, too.

You've seen their stellar work before. Hannah Fettig routinely includes larger sizes in her designs. I wrote about Hannah re-releasing her Featherweight Cardigan in sizes up for 62-inches. Her wardrobe staple Calligraphy Cardigan contains similar sizing.

Coastal Knits offers five sweaters and a spattering of other accessories in a soft-bound book; patterns are not downloadable, but hey, the authors have spent their hard-earned dough to make this book. Let's support them in their efforts by buying Coastal Knits, especially since they've labored to include ample sizing for every single sweater design. Every single one sweaters goes up to at least a 60-inch bust size.

Hannah Fettig's Rocky Coast Cardigan, a top-down cardi knitted in simple yet elegant cabling, sits at the top of Raverly's most-popular-patterns list. The authors give a copy of this design for book pre-orders, so many of those looking forward to the book's release this week have already started this pretty cardi.

But I have two other favorites. I'm haunted by the idea of making Alana Dakos' Gnarled Oak for Thanksgiving. The cardigan is seamlessly knit from the bottom up to the armholes. Separately knit sleeves and the yoke join together to form a stunning oak leaf neckline.

I want to make the Gnarled Oak in brown. I like the multi-tonal green yarn from the original, but it hides the beautiful yoke pattern a little, so I'm looking for a solid option (although I do love that green yarn... just gorgeous). The question is: can I get this done in time? The book is being released this coming week and I've placed my order, but I don't know how long it will take to get here. I really love it - classic and different all at the same time.

On the other side of the year, I also adore the springtime Wildflower Cardigan, from Alana. The Coastal Knits website describes this sunny beauty as: "A lightweight, ¾-sleeve cardigan perfect for layering on a brisk spring day. The sweater style itself is basic and flattering while the flower motif pockets and delicate edging add just enough feminine detail. Wildflower is knit in pieces from the bottom up and seamed together at the end."

I would love to make this pretty thing over the winter to remind me that spring sits waiting for her debut. For my body, I'm very anti three-button cardis that provide belly gape, especially ones that include adorable pockets right in the just-wrong spot. But I may have to make an exception. Heck, I might even make it in yellow, a color I usually studiously avoid because it make my pale skin even paler. But the Wildflower is so pretty, it can't help but make the whole world more beautiful.

More good news about Coastal Knits: the authors provide on the website a comprehensive schematic for every single pattern! Now you can check out the sweater map and see exactly what you're going to need to mod, all before the book makes it's way to you. Just brilliant.

Finally, I want to show you a sweater Marly Bird gave me a sneak peak of a few days ago. She told me not to tell anyone, but now that Knitters Fall 2011 is out, I can show your her incredible design. The Artichoke Twist sports Bijou Basin yarn and knits up from the bottom; separately knit sleeves are then joined to the body to intertwine classic cables into a show-stopping neckline. Marly also includes instructions for horizontal bust darts to provide a better fit. I'm apparently all about the yokes this fall because I really want to make this one, too.

So girls, remember to vote with your pocketbook. Support those in the knitting industry who support us. This is the only way we'll get larger patterns. Two others things you can do for this effort? Please create a Rav project for every sweater you make and then post pics modeling your garment. The knitting industry doesn't believe that fat women knit sweaters for themselves. Let's show them just how wrong they are.


  1. Stunningly lovely sweaters!!!
    Thanks, Julie, for keeping us up-to-date on the patterns that are becoming available.

    It was cool and breezy here in PA yesterday and I wore my Waltham in public. It fits great, looks impressive and was snuggly warm. I am so proud of it!!! Success just makes me want to keep on knitting!

  2. I already preordered Coastal Knits and I am so excited for it to get here. I already have the Rocky Coast in my queue, for after I finish the Tour de SOck.

    I love the Wildflower Cardi too, do you think we could help the belly gape issue by putting more ease in that area? I was hoping by adding ease it would hang closer to straight down with just an inch or so gap, instead of a giant triangle outlining my stomach.

  3. Also, I think we can get away with the pockets on the front, it's woudl be different if they were a different color or something or huge pouchy pockets.

  4. Just love all three. I have the Coastal Knits pre-ordered and can't wait to get that in. has good potential! Also LOVE the Artichoke Twist! I don't have the magazine yet but it should be here shortly! I'm assuming it's out already. LOVE it but seriously doubt I'd use that yarn - a bit over my budget! Sandee

  5. I agree with you - I love all three sweaters!!And I've recently switched to buying Knitter's instead of IKnits so I'll be able to check out Artichoke Twist for myself!! Thanx for the references.

  6. I am in agreement and have already asked my lys to order this and maybe sponsor a trunk show.

  7. Got to look at the Coastal Knits on Sunday and it has some lovely patterns, along with great schematics. I particularly like the Gnarled Oak.