Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Hat for a bald head

I'd forgotten how nice it is to bang out a small project in just a couple of days. Non-ordeal knitting! What a concept.

Here's a hat I made for the beloved boyfriend's birthday next week, an old Pam Allen fair isle winter accessories pattern I found on Patternfish. Tom picked the hat - I've learned my lesson when knitting for men: never knit a thing they haven't expressly selected because they'll never wear it which will irk the living hell out of you. Now I get their buy-in and everyone lives happily ever after.

Tom actually requested this hat to wear on the road. He recently took a job working at Quantico for an FBI contractor, and now lives down there half the week (much to my chagrin. I'm delighted he has the great job, but it makes seeing each other even more difficult). He sleeps in the hat I made him a couple of years ago but he's afraid he'll lose it in the hotel, so he asked for another one. Seems to me that this new hat now becomes the one he loses at the hotel, but oh well.

I knitted the black and white ski hat with uber-soft Debbie Bliss Cashmerino, a merino/cashmere blend that will feel lovely on his bald head. He's getting this stranded cap plus a box of homemade chocolate nut fudge I make for him every birthday.

Another benefit of knitting a fair isle project? It's great practice for the Takoma kal that begins after Christmas. I've swatched my yarn and am ready to go, but I have lots of other stuff I want to knit before then. What else is new?


  1. I just want that models hair!!!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!

  2. that's the designer, Katie...she's probably an Irish girl just like you!

  3. In Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's latest book, All Wound Up, she has a great essay about lost knitting and why it isn't such a bad thing for knitters.

    Gorgeous hat. I always love the graphic boldness of black and white.