Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Knitting at Large merchandise

After multiple requests from my kind and loving intrepid knitters, I've opened a Cafe Press store to sell Knitting at Large logo merchandise.

There is no markup on these goods, meaning I'm not making any money. But I love that some of you want to strut your Knitting at Large stuff!

To buy your very own Knitting at Large hat, shirt, mug, sticker, or bag, visit

And thanks to each and everyone of you for all your support! You all just rock.


  1. I broke my favorite coffee mug just a few days ago.
    Now I have a new one..maybe 2!!
    What great stuff, Julie!

  2. How cool!!!
    Thanks for setting this up for us!

  3. Oh, cute! I love stuff with double meanings.

  4. Awesome Julie! I get to add to my coffee cup collection. Thank you!

    chrisg26 (ravelry)

  5. Love my mug! Just came in the mail...great size. Well designed! t_a