Monday, November 21, 2011

Love their hides

I've been incognito for a few days because Tom and I went over the rivers and through the woods to Indiana to visit Aunt Dixie and her brood. My cousin's son, Justin, got married this weekend and we were happy to witness the joyous event.

Sadly, we took exactly three pictures over the weekend and none of them of my relatives, dammit. But here we are at the Holiday Inn in Fort Wayne. Note that I'm wearing my Carnation Pink for the first time - and no one asked if I'd made it either! I was so relieved. :-)

We had a wonderful time. I love their hides! as my mother used to say. Every single one of them, but especially my beloved cousin, Leslie, who shares my passion for creativity and knows all there is to know about garment fitting. She's a devout seamstress and marveled at the darts in my vest with complete understanding and true wonder. She is a such a joy - just wish she didn't live 500 miles away. Here we are with Aunt Dixie last year after my nephew's wedding.

I'm so very grateful for my maternal relations this Thanksgiving. The heck with family values - I truly value my family, especially those incredible Hoosiers.


  1. You ALWAYS have a grand time.
    I miss the women in my family terribly at holiday time. Good memories.
    Wear your Knits with pride, gal.

  2. I'm glad you had a safe and fun trip! I was there (technically only drove around Ft. Wayne to Angola) just six weeks ago for a family wedding and cemetery visits. It was gorgeous with the fall colors and cooler temps. Definitely wishing I could join my Hoosier family for this coming weekend.

  3. Julie, what romantic pictures of you and Tom. He really looks like a man in love.

  4. I'm glad you guys had such a fun time together! And that vest really is lovely ... but I do have to ask .... could you maybe put together a post explaining a little more about the process of planning (and implementing) shaping days in your knitting? My figure is rather similar to yours, and I have also noticed the dark side of side seam shaping, that wretched hip flap you end up with. I like the darts, but have no idea how to add them to my knitting.

  5. Not "shaping days"! Lol ... autocorrect! I meant "shaping darts", of course!

  6. Love the pictures of you and Tom!
    Glad you had a great time with your family.