Monday, November 14, 2011

The meetup! And my vest, too

Oh, how I wish you could have joined us at the first Knitting at Large meet-up. What a lovely day! To give you an idea about how it went, I'm going to quote Ruthann (aka MrsPi on Rav):
What I can do for you who couldn’t be there is tell you what I learned from being in a roomful of Knitters At Large….

First: though I’m the only one I know who knits (or crochets) for a larger person, I’m not the only one in the world.

Second: It is fascinating to see how creatively we solved the fitting problems we have.

Third: tips and tricks were exchanged at such a rapid pace that we were all astonished that we’d run overtime.

Fourth: exchanging tips and tricks at such a rapid pace is exhausting. :o)

Fifth: Such a gathering is definitely worth traveling to experience.

I’m sure the others will chime in with things I’ve missed listing above.

Ooh…almost forgot there is a sixth: I got really useful upper bodice/sleeve alteration advice from Julie JUST IN TIME to keep my Braids sweater from being a disappointment.

Seventh: Though I don’t remember doing show-and-tell in school I discovered that you’re NEVER too old to do it. :o)
To this I say: AMEN! What a great event. Unfortunately, I only have one lousy picture to share with you. The problem with knitting group photos is that they never convey the energy - nor the noise!

Other accomplishments: most folks got their measurements and Fit to Flatter pictures taken, so watch this space (and Rav) for the beauteous sweaters that will result.

A thousand thanks to Terry who hosted the event in her apartment's perfect meeting room. Dottie and I got lost coming and going but were very happy when we were there.

Another result of the meet-up is that I now have photos of me sporting my new Carnation Pink vest. I'm digging it and many others are, too. Next I'm going to write up the pattern and then look for test knitters. I'm also going to do a comprehensive lessons learned post. So stay tuned.

PS: The vest is a little lumpy from sitting in it all day so just squint. :-)


  1. Looks like a grand time was had by all!
    The vest is gorgeous and fits to a T!

  2. Can't wait for the pattern. Will be a perfect top to wear to walk the dog this spring. Just LOVE it! Wish I could have joined you yesterday . Sandee in PA

  3. Julie, your pink vest is such a great fit. You are learning FIT at a prodigious rate. mary in Cincinnati