Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My needle storage solution

Linda and I were talking this morning about circular needle storage and I showed her what I use: a monster-size (yes, that's the official term) Shimano Tackle Binder.

When Tom saw this, he immediately asked when I'd taken up fishing. Imagine his disappointment when I displayed my gazillion knitting needles.

Here's the official description of the product:
Organize your tackle in binder fashion. Includes eight heavy-duty poly bags with metal grommets, oversized non-corrosive zippers and box stitched strap handle. The Jumbo size comes with four mesh zippered pockets for additional storage. Constructed of 1200 Denier material. Two replacement bags included.
I ordered additional bags so I'd have one for every needle size. The sleeves are 8.5 x 11 so I printed numbers on regular printer paper and inserted them behind the needles to make it quick and easy to find my needles.

The only drawback is that I need to remember to put the needles back in the binder after a project. Too bad there's not a big Harry Potter magnet that would levitate prodigal knitting needles and then make them dance their way into my tackle binder. Now that would be a great solution to a real-world knitting problem.

The Shimano Tackle Binder is available in most fishing or sport stores or from Amazon.


  1. I use a Shimano as well and I love it. Whenever I take it with me to classes or workshops, I'm always asked where I got it.

  2. Before there was a Shimano, there was the KnitTote,,,same thing, also originally sold for tackle, then repurposed for knitters in a prettier color. I balked at the price for a long time, but when I sucumbed, and loaded it up with all of my needles, some 40 years old, I realized that I had many many of the same size and length because I would forget that I already had them, or because I couldn't find them. Often these were in the sizes I rarely use, such as larger than 10 (I hate to knit with big needles), because I would assume that I didn't own any. I've saved a ton of money just by getting organized.
    You should move this to the Rav site, so more people know!

  3. This made me laugh, because I used to have a list of where each and every one of my needles was, if it was currently swatching or involved in a project. But somehow, over the years, that plan sorta fell apart ;)

  4. There isn't a Harry Potter spell to put away the needles, but there is one that will bring exactly the needle you need from the binder.

    "Acccio (number 5)"

    (Guess what I was doing with my family over Thanksgiving.) :)

  5. What a great idea. I'm putting that on my christmas list.