Friday, December 16, 2011

Carnation Aquamarine

You all know about Carnation Pink (or many of you do anyway). It's the first garment I've created on my own that I plan to release as a pattern. The vest features bulky yarn in a  figure-skimming fit, which allows a larger woman to wear a chunky sweater without looking chunky herself. It also ensures a faster knit - I made mine in just a couple of weeks. The vest is adorned in strong, vertical cables that give a pretty, slimming effect. The handsewn zipper closes the deal - and don't worry, it's not hard to do.

I'm working on writing up the pattern and decided to knit another Carnation to make sure I get the pattern as close to right as possible. I've got several volunteers willing to test knit for me, but the pattern still needs to be as perfect as possible. This time I'm using Lion Brand Alpine Wool which is the spitting image of the original Berkshire Bulky yarn I used for the Pink. I love the subtle blue green color which Lion Brand calls Bay Leaf.

I'm making the vest exactly the same except that I'm swapping out the cable. I don't want two identical vests in my wardrobe, plus I like the idea of showing design possiblities in the pattern. Let's get the creative juices going for anyone who wants to knit my vest. In this version, which I'm calling Carnation Ultramarine, I'm using a classic braid cable that very easy to knit but absolutely beauteous, too.

Stay tuned... I'll keep you posted on my progress. I'm anxious to get this done so I can start the Takoma KAL right after Christmas. No rest for the weary - but I love knitting so much, it's never wearisome anyway.


  1. Oh me too! Don't ya just love those fast projects? The Blue looks so pretty, and even though you love pink, I think the blue will look very becoming on you.

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  3. This is a great post! It makes me feel as though I’m doing at least a few things right. That helps a lot.