Monday, December 26, 2011

A happy holiday indeed

Merry everything to you! If you're a Christmas celebrant, I hope you had a lovely holiday. If not, I wish you a happy winter solstice, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, New Year, or whatever.

Tom and I cuddled up for a quiet (aka perfect) Christmas. I yet again achieved good girlfriend status by giving him motorcycle tires - even though I hate his fricking motorcycle! He worked me over, convincing me that new tires and a great helmet are a motorcyclist's most important safety equipment. I know it a load of crap; look up oxymoron in the dictionary and you'll find the term "motorcycle safety." Oh well, I gave him what he wanted. As a big surprise, I also got him a new GPS since his is as finicky as an old cat.

Santa Tom was very good to me, too. After much consternation and indecision, Tom found the perfect real pearl and diamond earrings. Classic and beautiful, they make me look good even with messy hair and no makeup. I love them... love him, too. 

After opening presents and eating Tom's traditional pancake and bacon breakfast, we headed to the movies to see "Girl with a Dragon Tattoo." I fell asleep for much of the first 30 minutes and was then lost for much of the rest of the movie. But it was fun anyway. We then went home and I made a delicious ham dinner topped off by a homemade apple pie that was to die for. My secret weapon: I use two different kinds of baking apples. Makes all the difference in the world.

I hope you had a lovely day and that you'll get most of this coming week off. While I'm not working, I'm going to work on the Carnation Pink/Aquamarine pattern so I can get it to the test knitters who are reading and raring to go. However you spend this week, I wish you unending comfort and joy.


  1. It sounds as though you had a magnificent day! I love how Tom tried to dupe you with the whole "safety" thing... my brother (who builds motorcycles) says the same thing and I think his wife and I react the same way as you do... lol. Your earrings are stunning - Tom did a great job with that one!

    Merry Christmas and enjoy your time off... very excited for your plans and yes, that is purely selfish but isn't selfish knitting the next season we get to go into? LOL

  2. That is so nice. You must have been exhausted.
    Lovely gift, the earrings.
    Actually, I am glad the secular aspect of the day is to head to the mall for a few exchanges..aaarrrggh!!!!
    But that comes ....tomorrow.
    Today it is sit back in the middle of a cluttered house and KNIT a wee bit, then try out a Crab Cake Recipe..
    Looking forward to my yarn coming and the test knit.

  3. I don't think Tom is duping you. I have a motorcycle license, though I only drove a scooter. It's a wonderful experience, flying down the road on two wheels.

    Besides good tires to keep him on the road and a good helmet to protect his noggin, Tom should also have a good leather jacket and a good pair of boots. A tip for next Christmas...

  4. Thank you for sharing your life with us. I enjoy reading about you and Tom, and your knitting, of course!