Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Knitting ADHD

I envy those knitters who pick a project, buy yarn, knit the piece to completion, and then repeat. It seems like a better way to live, more sensible, less costly, more focused.

But it ain't the way I work. At all. (BTW, if you search for "yarn shower" on Google Images, this photo of my fiber storage pops right up!)

So last night when I should be working on the Carnation Aquamarine vest - I mean, jeez, the back is done and one front is almost finished - I instead cast on for the Takoma sleeve. I just couldn't wait another minute. I've wanted to knit this since it came out in the fall but agreed to start the KAL after Christmas - and yesterday was after Christmas. So it begins.

I'm loving the Cascade Eco+ yarn, an Aran weight 100% wool that is very affordable even after the $5 price increase from last year. (Tip: buy it from Webs and get the 20% percent discount.) Eco+ is very colorwork friendly and knits up quickly on the size 9 needles.

Moose kindly and sleepily modeled my work yet again. What would I do without him? I'd have to boringly photograph everything on my dining room table. Love that pug! And this sweater is pretty cool, too.


  1. The colors on this sweater are going to be absolutely gorgeous! Can't wait to watch the progress.

  2. I love the colors you chose for the Takoma. I have knitting ADD too, and need to finish up some stuff before I cast on much else. It is really hard because Santa brought yarn.

  3. I'm not knitting that sweater, but as a comment let me say I can't believe how anyone can knit almost half a sleeve in a few hours..golly!
    I must be a very slow knitter!
    The colors chosen are so very pretty.
    And yes, I am one who has /ADD and Start-itis as well.

  4. I have knitting ADD as well, which is why I have so many needles. They're all stuck in knitting limbo in various projects that will never be finished in my lifetime, nor, apparently will they be frogged.

    Nice progress on the Takoma. How's the stranded purling going?

  5. Oh, I can relate!
    I love how the green shows up against the red; it's a soft - yet impactful - contrast. I can't wait to see the gold come in to play :)