Sunday, December 11, 2011

My Dixie Rose Mitts - FREE!

I published a pattern today on Ravelry. Now that was fun!

Yes, I know you're all waiting for the Carnation Pink Vest but I'm caught in Christmas Gift-Making Land so you're getting this free fingerless mitts pattern instead. Named for my beloved Aunt Dixie, the Dixie Rose Mitts are easy and quick to make - I literally made the pair in two nights. The pattern comes in two colors, black and pink, but you could obviously make yours any way you want.

Aunt Dixie specifically requested the black rendition. She wanted a pair of fingerless gloves in anything but wool to which she is very allergic. I chose Berroco Weekend, a really terrific cotton blend yarn. With its high acrylic content, I wasn't sure I'd like it, but like it's wool companion Berroco Vintage, it truly feels like the better fiber. Aunt Dixie didn't want anything too froo-froo, but I didn't want to make a boring mitt either. So I knitted welts on the cuff, mitt top, and thumb and then added some gorgeous antique Victorian glass buttons I found on Etsy. I could spend days looking at antique buttons on Etsy. In fact, I already have.

I'm going to package these up and send them off for Christmas along with the copy of the pattern. Aunt Dixie hasn't knitted a stitch in her life, but hopefully she'll get a kick out of being the pattern's namesake.

I stash dove to get the yarn for the pink version. I wanted to make completely different mitts so show the versatility of the design. This time, I used Universal Yarn Deluxe Worsted in Hot Fushcia and Knit Picks Swish in Asparagus. I found some cute matching flower buttons in my overflowing button bag and a cute mitt was born. Now I need to make the second one which of course I don't want to do. But the mitts really fit perfectly and would be great for dog walks so I'm going to work on the twin today.

I added another quick-knit mittens pattern to my Ravelry store today, too. The Bodacious Borealis Mittens, which I designed last year, use one skein of Berroco Borealis. I made the pair of mittens in six hours, so these would also make for a fast, fun gift.

Hope these patterns help someone. Download the Dixie Rose Mitts and the Bodacious Borealis Mittens for free on Ravelry.


  1. Aren't you the sweetest thing ever - distributing the perfect pink mitt pattern the week of my birthday... it's like you knew what I wanted... lol. They're lovely and already in my library.

  2. Happy birthday, PMM! I look forward to seeing your mitts. Thanks for all the support. :-)

  3. What a nice Christmas present!!!
    Thank you, Julie!!!
    Now I need to find some really cool yarn and dig through the button stash.

  4. "Now I need to knit the other which of course I don't want to do."

    :) I decided in October that everyone in my family needed mitts. All six of them. I have been stuck in the second-mitt-rut too. Blah!

  5. Just what the doctor ordered: A really cute last minute gift that won't take a huge chunk of time to make, but is a thoughtful present. Thanks, Julie!


  6. I love these! Winter has been so odd here in South Western Ontario, we haven't needed mittens :( I will for sure be making these in hopes of being able to use them next year!