Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Meet Mechelle, newest member of the Knitting at Large Hall of Fame

Mechelle amazes. If I gave out trophies, she would most certainly receive the Most Improved Knitter award. She's earned it.

I met this lovely Brit on Rav when she asked me to do a Fit to Flatter analysis. She sent me her pictures and we discussed what she could do to make the most of her figure.

Next thing I know, Mechelle has turned herself into Miss America (or Miss UK?) with a fabulous makeover. Her gorgeous red dress and black shrug turned every head in town. Wowwweeee! Best F2F implementation I've ever seen. You go, girl!

Then Mechelle started applying her new skills to her knitting. She made several cute sweaters, including the great adaption of the Buttercup using Sirdar Simply Recycled in sage. (I like her little kitty, too.)

Mechelle recently finished a triumphant, highly customized Emelie that fits her PERFECTLY. She asked me lots of questions about sizing and fit and then cast on for a larger size on this bottom-up sweater. Then she changed to the next smaller size when she reached the underarms so that it would better fit her through the shoulders. It's just amazing. With this well-fitting cardigan, she looks curvy and thin and busty. Excellent work.

The back also fits well. I envy her lack of the mighty derriere!

For all these reasons, especially the tremendous progress towards making a sweater that truly fits and flatters, I am happy to induct Mechelle to the Knitting at Large Hall of Fame. As I said, Mechelle amazes. And her sweaters do, too.


  1. This is a really great blog post!! Thank you - and thanks to Mechelle as well!

  2. Applause and Kudos to Michelle. I love the cardigan on you! t_a

  3. Gorgeous cardigan, Mechelle! Great color and super flattering fit! Love the red dress/black shrug combo, too. Leave that pretty hair down, girlfriend!

  4. What a great job Mechelle!!

    I'm super inspired girl!

  5. You're so generous with your time and expertise, Julie. Beautiful sweaters, Mechelle!

  6. What a wonderful and inspiring tribute to a knitter who's done a great job on garments that really do fit and flatter.

    You go, Mechelle!

    And Julie, thanks so much for sharing this.

    Lynda in Oregon