Sunday, January 15, 2012

Saving the best for last

Yesterday we had a mini-reunion of the Knitting at Large meetup. Thanks to Brenda's kind invitation, Dottie and I headed to Brenda's home in Winchester, VA for a day of pizza, yarn shopping, and used book perusal. Brenda's friends Marilyn (who also attended our initial Knitting at Large event) and Janet came along, too. We had FUN.

I dragged three totebags of yarn to Brenda's house and came home with four, I'm embarrassed to say. We raided Never Enough Yarn, a charming little yarn store in downtown Winchester. Three steps in the door, I spied a really cute and easy-to-make round-yoke vest. I asked for the pattern and was given a lackluster one-pager from Plymouth Yarns. If I'd seen this on Rav or in a magazine, I'd never have given it a second look. But the model garment is orders of magnitude more interesting than this drab pattern. The model garment also features a deeper yoke.

I lucked out and found some firey Berroco Campus on clearance - 30% off. As my BFF says, cha-ching! The wool blend spins together red, burgundy, orange, purple and lavender. I contemplated green but Dottie vetoed me and sent me back to red where I belong.

I was so anxious to try the new yarn out, I cast on for the neckline on the drive back to Germantown. On 10.5 needles, I made quick work of the yoke. My mods include: ensuring the yoke is deep enough; making the skirt wider and A-shaped to accommodate the might derriere; and adding button bands so that I can button the vest up at least at the bottom (I'm still an awod belly gape avoider).

I'm hoping I can whip this baby up quickly so I can go back to the large variety of other sweaters I haven't finished yet. :-S Have I told you lately that I'm ridiculous?

But I've saved the very best for last. As I rummaged around this little Winchester yarn store at least two hours away from my home, I came across this dark blue, mottled mitten sitting on a little shelf. I did a double-take. I had mittens just like that. Did I wear those today? I didn't think so, but my goodness they looked the same. I examined the tag on the mittens: Bodacious Borealis Mittens. OMG! Let me say that again... O M G. Those were my mittens! Made with a free pattern I posted on Rav and knitted up as display pieces for this little shop. I started doing the Snoopy happy dance right there and then. My own pattern! In a yarn store! And according the manager, much beloved by the many customers who had made my very own mitten pattern. A completely unexpected thrill. BIG SMILE.

If you'd like to make a pair of uber-easy, uber-quick Bodacious Borealis Mittens, download the free pattern and get started. Please post pics when you're done. I'd love to see how yours turn out.

Many thanks to Brenda and Richard for their kind hospitality. What a great day!


  1. Emmahttp://www.gingerknitters.comJanuary 15, 2012 at 3:28 PM

    squooshy Berroco on sale?! What a score! Sounds like a lovely day, looking forward to seeing the finished vest.

  2. hahaha... the green was too warm (more my speed...LOL)... I had a great time as well... found this awesome shea butter "lotion bar" from LAVISHEA in this delightful pear scent at the same shop and I swear I'll never be without this in the knitting bag again... and thanks to your help, my Takoma will be ready to start after all, my previous color choices beign too masculine as there was too much contrast in the lights and darks...

  3. Your very own pattern at a yarn shop!!!! I think that is so cool, Julie! Congratulations! I knit tons, but I have never made gloves/mittens--only a pair of fingerless. Well, I'm going to try Bodacious Borealis! I live in Maine, and have a condition where the tips of my fingers get ultra cold. It was ultra cold yesterday, and when I walked in the afternoon, my hands were the coldest part of my body. I need help in the hand area desperately. They are next up on my list!
    Again, congrats!!!

  4. Talk about a fantastic pick-me-up!
    You had a great time throughout!
    Thanks for sharing that report.It was great to read it and see the photos! Love the red!

  5. I might have a day like that today with my friend. We are going to San Jose. You didn't mention anything more about the used books. What happened there?