Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Sophisticate moves right along

Just a quick update to show you my progress on the Sophisticate. It's moving right along! Got to love bulky yarn and how quickly it knits up.

As you know, the best thing about knitting a top-down sweater  is that you can try it on. I slipped it over my head last night and was happy with the fit. I've got my waist shaping down pat now; I know just what to do. BTW, I never think of myself as a curvy girl until I make a sweater. Then I see the pictures and the truth and recognize that the damn thing actually fits.

This effort is informing how I'm going to shape the Takoma. The Sophisticate and Takoma are very similar, both being straight-sided, shawl-collared cardigans. But as I've said over and over again, I look better in sweaters with waist shaping. If I made either of these sweaters with straight sides, I'd have to make a much larger size to accommodate my over-ample hips. This would leave me with lots of extra fabric at the bust and waist which would make me look larger.

It's been easy to modify the Sophisticate because I can put the waist shaping wherever I want. But the Takoma is different. I need to work around the fair isle bands; I don't want to break that patterning with decreases. So, I'm going to carefully place my waist decreases before and after the center fair isle band. I put the majority of the Sophisticate decreases in a 14-row span, working four increases every other row, using princess seam shaping. I think I can do something similar with the Takoma, but I may have to move that center band a bit. We'll see.

But for now I'm focusing on finishing up the Sophisticate. Then I'm going to complete the Carnation Aquamarine so that it's done before the official pattern release. Lots of girls are test knitting the Carnation now so it won't be long. I'll blog more about the Carnation later this week. I also want to write about bulky yarn on bulky bodies because I'm breaking the rules prohibiting chunky yarn - and the sweaters look great. More on that topic soon.


  1. re: chunky yarn...Lion Brand Wool ease Chunky is slightly heavier and more of a bulky than the Valley Yarns i find.Terms are becoming more interchangeable ..and confusing ...to me at least. Is it Heavy Worsted or is it Aran?
    Is it Aran or is it Chunky?
    Is it Chunky or is it Bulky? Ay Caramba!

    You sure are busy putting together you Sophisticate. It looks very nice!