Thursday, February 2, 2012

Almost there

I've almost finished the Sophisticate  and in almost record time. My only worry: I almost have enough yarn. :-(

I usually buy too much yarn for a project, but this time I underestimated. I could leave the cardigan as is and bind off, but I want to add a nice, full shawl collar. I ordered some additional yarn from the Etsy vendor a few weeks ago but it hasn't come in and she seems completely clueless about my order. When I whined loudly, she said she'd have some next week. We'll see. I'm very unhappy. :-(

I've finished the button band (not shown above) and am going to start on the collar tonight. I've only got one 60-yard skein left  so it won't last long; then I'll be stuck. But at least I'm almost done. If the vendor hurries up and gets me the yarn, I'll even get to wear it this winter.


  1. Here's an idea: Make your shawl collar in another color and edge it with your 60 yard skein of grey yarn that you have. Maybe a grey/black/brown tweed? That would look stunning!

  2. Oh no!!!
    I hope your vendor is able to get you the yarn you need. I usually order more than enough yarn and then end up with odd little skeins that I don't know what to do with. What is a good solution???
    I love the Sophisticate! It is perfect in that natural looking shade. You've really been getting it done fast!

  3. Oh no! I hope the vendor sends that yarn fast! You have gotten so far so fast on this sweater - now I hope the yarn shows up to finish it so you can wear it asap! I'll be crossing my fingers and toes for you!!!
    Sandee in PA

  4. Oh no! I hate that feeling when you know you don't have enough yarn to finish it how you want! I hope she gets you what you need soon. It looks great!