Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Bottom of the basket

Last night, I dumped out my knitting basket looking for a pattern that I'd printed off weeks ago and subsequently lost. Among the detritus sprang another skein of gray yarn! Couldn't believe it. I still don't have enough to finish, but at least I could make some progress on the collar.

I think the collar is now wide enough. I need to knit two rows all around (meaning up the button bands and around the collar) and then bind off. I could get by with one additional skein - if that vendor would ever get back to me. I'm irked... it's been two days and no response. The next time I write about this issue, I'm going to tell you her shop name and recommend you never buy yarn from her.

I'm still hoping she'll come through. If she doesn't, I'll look at other options but I'd love to finish off my Sophisticate in the same yarn.

I also did a bit of knitting surgery last night. After finishing my BFF's cowl, I realized when I went to block it that I'd knitted one row incorrectly. See it? On the right side? I think she could have worn it and no one would have ever known the better, but my anal-retentive soul couldn't stand it. I cut off the offending section and reknitted. Now all is well. The new cowl is as long as the first version, btw; it's just not stretched out in this picture.

I'll let you know about the gray yarn and the disappeared vendor. I'm getting ready to voice the GRRRRRR that's heard around the world!


  1. Isn't there any place else you can get the yarn? I'd ask her for a refund, and if you don't hear back within 24 hours, file a non-delivery report with Etsy.

  2. Aren't you concerned about the extra skein(s) being a different dye lot?

    Karen P.

  3. If your Etsy vendor is selling yarn that she is ordering from another vendor or wholesaler, it may be a Loooong time. The problem may be her wholesaler. After 12 years at an LYS, I know that some wholesalers are incredibly slow, and some small indies are even more so because they can't do a small batch just anytime. With 2 or 3 rows left to go, I think a nice contrast edge would look great, and isn't NOW when you eant to wear this sweater...not June?

  4. Is it possible to steal the extra two rows from the bottom of your sweater? May be a workaround if you get no extra yarn. - Regina

  5. What about a nice black edge to finish?
    It looks lovely, BTW. :)