Saturday, February 11, 2012

Hopefully, a solution

A hearty thank you to everyone supporting me during my recent yarn shortage crisis. I've received so many messages of comfort, commiserative anger, and a dozen great ideas about how to finish off my Sophisticate. I am, as always, so grateful for you. Thank you for reading and lifting me up, too.

I have some some hopeful news. I finally heard back from the Etsy vendor who reported that his Italian yarn distributor had been shut down over a week due to the worst snowstorm ever in Italy. The Etsy vendor apologized profusely but let's face it: he is powerless over snow storms and it's unreasonable to expect him to fly to Europe with a snow shovel to bring those last three skeins back to me. I understand. Crap happens. All the time.

As I was contemplating my next move, I got a timely response to my previous blog post. Anonymous writes: 
If your Etsy vendor is selling yarn that she is ordering from another vendor or wholesaler, it may be a Loooong time. The problem may be her wholesaler. After 12 years at an LYS, I know that some wholesalers are incredibly slow, and some small indies are even more so because they can't do a small batch just anytime. With 2 or 3 rows left to go, I think a nice contrast edge would look great, and isn't NOW when you eant to wear this sweater...not June?
Yes! I would like to wear this now. In fact, I'd like to wear it today. So I went back to the Etsy vendor's website to evaluate my color options. Poking around, I discovered that the company recently added a new yarn, one described as follows:
Lichene is the more rustic brother of Corteccia. This is rustic, feltable, wool in natural shades. It is an organic, natural wool/alpaca blend that would be awesome for outergarments and accessories.  

The only difference between Lichene and Corteccia (the yarn I used for my sweater) is that the former is an 80/20 wool/alpaca blend, and the later is a 60/40 one. I contacted the vendor immediately and he confirmed that the light gray Lichene and Corteccia matched. SOLD. Please send me three skeins today and let me get 'er done! I should have the yarn early next week and will be wearing my gorgeous sweater by Friday. Woo hoo! The yarns don't exactly match in the photo above but I'm hoping the vendor is right. If for some reason the Lichene doesn't work, I'll send it back and get a different color of Corteccia. 

In the meantime, I've been working on Zinnia fair isle mittens from Mary Anne Stephens. I found them on Twist Collective months ago and sent off for the yarn immediately. These lovelies remined me of  sunflowers so I picked a warm red and gold combination. The first mitten is moving along well. Now I just need to make sure I finish the second one! And while I'm at it, finish the two other sets of mittens at the bottom of my knitting basket. And let's not even talk about the bags of unfinished sweaters in my yarn closet. I am powerless over unfinished knitting projects and my life has become unmanageable. :-)


  1. I hear you on unmanageable! I keep seeing people on Ravelry being ashamed to admit that they have 3 (!!!) things on the needles at once. At that time I had 16, now I am trying to whittle it down below 10.

    But then my Valentine took me out to the sheep farm and some yarn might have follwed me home, and boy am I itchin' to cast that on! (I will resist, I think. I have not found the pattern it wants to be yet.)

  2. Glad to serve as your conscience!
    Anonymous, aka miniknits

  3. i've been knitting from my stash since last year and it feels so good to see it dwindle!! it was taking up a lot of space! i love the gold/red combo...they look just like sunflowers! sunny & bright!!

  4. look at you go, girl!!! no idle hands here... and everything looks positively SCRUMPTIOUS! woo-hoo!!!