Sunday, February 5, 2012

Only one thing left to do

There's only one thing left to do: WAIT.

It's happened. I've knitted up every bit of yarn for my Sophisticate and I don't have enough. As you may remember from last time, I've purchased additional skeins from an Etsy vendor who appears to have complete amnesia about my order. She told me she could order more but it would take a LONG time (her emphasis). I shot back a loud, whiny message along with my receipt reminding her that she  promised to have the yarn to me by the first week of February.

Unfortunately, it's now officially the second week of February. No yarn. :-(

I realize I may have to resort to using another yarn or color or eliminate the gorgeous shawl collar I want. But I'm going to wait (and whine) some more and see if I can get the skeins I ordered.

Until this, I'm going to do what this lovely graphic advises. Brilliant advice if you ask me.


  1. Your sweater is just gorgeous even minus the shawl collar! I feel so bad for you having to wait and the not knowing when it will arrive is even worse! I loved that sweater before but I love it even more now seeing yours! I want it but am going to be strong to not start on it with all I have going here! fingers crossed for a quick delivery!!!!!!!!!
    Sandee in PA

  2. Oh, please don't use another color yarn. That always looks exactly like what it is--the knitter ran out of yardage and punted.

    As I recall, you have plenty of other WIPS to work on, no?