Friday, April 20, 2012

And the question is...

The answer is:

And the question?

Who is that woman on Jeopardy and which beautiful handmade sweater is she wearing?

"Did you see her?," long-time friend-of-the-blog Teresa asked. She'd happened upon Jeopardy and had an instantaneous reaction. "As soon as I saw her I said: That sweater is hand knit and I really like it!..and she is AMPLE!"

As it turns out, the highly talented knitted and Jeopardy champion is Mary Harris, owner of the Fiber Gallery in Seattle, Washington. Mary won the first night, came in second the second night, and declared that she'd had a wonderful time after that. 

Teresa did some digging and discovered that Mary made Vonica by Bonnie Marie Burns. As the Ravelry description says, "Beautiful all-over eyelet patterning with lovely detailing and minimal finishing, Chic Knits VONICA features subtle but simple top-down, set-in sleeve construction." The sweater calls for DK weight yarn and comes in sizes up to 52 inches.

Mary's cardigan fits perfectly. How wonderful that she made her own sweater for a television appearance. I'd love to think I'd wear one of my creations if I ever managed to get on Jeopardy. 

Watch Mary in her show promo - while you're at it, check out that amazing  sweater, too! Congratulations, Mary!


  1. Big Smiles!
    I congratulate Mary, not only for her participation on the show, but for wearing and being a fine example for ample/plus knitters!!!

  2. Crack me up, Julie! I saw Mary on Jeopardy, too, and wondered the very same questions. You're too much. Thanks for the sleuthing!

  3. Sweaters, sweaters everywhere!!! I love it.