Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Revision 2

Naycha pointed out earlier today that my Cameron Cardigan was missing one of the pinks in my palette. Thank you, Naycha! Here is a revised chart with the additional pink. Adds more dimension. Designing this chart provides a unique lesson in color theory.

Oops... I just notices that there's a problem with the narrow dark stripes; they don't meet correctly in a continuous pattern. Need to go figure that out now... but I'm getting closer.


  1. I like this but I think you'll need to swatch it in wool to get the full effect.

    As a resource, check out the Feral Knitter (

  2. i see a space in the middle of your dark blue stripe row. the 'cross bar' stitches need to be moved over one stitch so it balances. looks pretty! ^)^linda

  3. Gorgeous! And I forgot to mention yesterday that I love your blog! Discovered it a few months ago and have been reading ever since.