Saturday, April 28, 2012

What I'm knitting

As usual, I've got several projects on my drawing board...

The Cameron Cardigan, my custom fair isle cardigan based on that beautiful painting from John Duncan, is stuck in swatch mode. I need to knit a swatch in the round, in pattern to determine my exact gauge. Perfectly fitting sweaters depend on accurate gauge and I can let this important step slide (and neither can you!).

I splurged (yet again) on some gorgeous yarn from The Woolen Rabbit, an accomplished hand-dyed yarn purveyor from New Hampshire. Grace, "a soft yet crisp 4 ply merino yarn, that knits with lovely stitch definition" comes in hand-dyed, 525-yard worsted skeins. I bought the gorgeous Forever In Blue Jeans colorway. The Woolen Rabbit will dye all your yarn at once so you get the same dye lot, so I ordered five giants skeins. Don't you wish every hand-dyer offered this much-needed service?

I'm going to use this delicious yarn to make the Wrought Iron Cardigan from Stephannie Tallent's remarkable new book, California Revival Knits. I'll be blogging about this book soon - and even giving away a copy! - so stay tuned.

Meanwhile, while I ponder these two big projects, I've been working on two smaller ones. My Color Affection Shawl is about three-quarters of the way done and I'm liking it thus far. I'm anxious to get it off the short needle so I can see what it really looks like. My plan is to wear it to a family function next weekend.

I'm also knitting a sweet Aynia, a shrug that only a beautiful little woman could wear - which is why I'm making it for my friend, Erica. This Cecily Glowik MacDonald design will be perfect for her. Oh, to wear a  a 33-inch sweater! It takes no time at all to knit garments when you're tiny.

For both projects, I'm using Bijou Lhasa Wilderness, an unusual yak and bamboo blend that offers wonderful softness and lovely drape. Bijou's yarns are dyed by Lorna's Laces, so you know the color is spectacular. Erica's blue-gray eyes perfectly complement this gorgeous hue.

Enough blogging! I've got to go grocery shopping, ride the bike, and then go back to knitting. Happy weekend, everyone.


  1. Everyone in my knitting group is smitten with the color affection shawl! Yours is coming along nicely. And be 33 inches and have handknits that quickly....sigh. :)

  2. I think most of the people who are at my yarn store are casting on for the color affection shawl, especially after the Yarn Harlot's post. That this is sure stunning.

    1. The thing about the Color Affection shawl is that it is so interesting AND so easy. Amazingly easy! But just enough color changing to keep you awake. It would make a great yarn store project imho. thanks for reading, girls!