Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Color Unaffectionate

I finished my Color Affection shawl yesterday. It's a striking piece and looks great on my dog. Not so sure about me, however.

I just don't seem to be one of those women who can pull off a shawl. They remind me alternatively of Little House on the Prairie and my junior prom. Mostly I just want to shed the damn thing so I can move. The Color Affectionate does fit well on my shoulders much to my surprise, probably because it curves at the top. It falls to my waist in the back. That's okay, I guess.

But the long trailing pieces that are supposed to hook over my arms bug me. I never know what to do with those on a long wrap, since I'm afraid the edges will get into something. Remember Tony Soprano's girlfriend setting her kimono sleeves on fire whilst making egg beaters? YIKES!

I guess I'll have to wear it out into the world and see how it feels. For all the time it took to make, I wish I'd knitted a sweater. This project offers more proof that I am a sweater knitter at heart. I've got a few of them up my not-too-long sleeves. Stay tuned.


  1. Try wrapping the ends around to the back.Or use a shawl pin to hold them. or wear sideways or backwards. I'm a large woman and love to wear my shawls but I use a shawl pin to hold them in place and get creative in how I wear them. Good luck, it looks gorgeous.

  2. I bet if it were a rose color you would fancy it more!
    What a lot of knitting with that finfgering yarn!
    Are the strands of yarn carried? or are they woven in after?
    I rather like it,even though I am not a shawl gal..

  3. Aw this makes me sad...I fancy myself a shawl wearer but have given away all but one so far. I am starting to worry a little that I might be a shawl knitter but not a shawl wearer. But my dream self rocks the shawl and I really want to knit this one...

  4. I like wearing shawls. And when I need to keep reign on the loose ends, I will wrap the shawl around my body, then tuck the ends into my waistband or belt. It might be an idea for you to try?

  5. I have never seen anyone wear a shawl, except when posing for pictures on Ravelry, or maybe at a wedding. A lot more shawls get knitted and gifted than get worn.

    Yours is beautiful, though. If you have the heart, frog it and turn it into something you'll wear.

  6. I second the vote for a shawl pin. I wear shawls while I sit at my desk or at the computer, then leave them on the chair while I walk around. I'm wearing them more often now, and with more success. Maybe you just need to get comfortable with the mojo that you need to wear a shawl. But that one is gorgeous. Don't frog it. Drape it over a chair in your living room. I keep my house cold, someone always needs a sweater!

  7. At the Eileen Fisher store, they have a video running on continuous loop that demonstrates the ways to wear their shawls. That one, as well as others , are probably availablle on line, or UTube, or something. Me, I wear my shawls with a pin. I also have a couple of vintage belt buckles minus the prong part, that I wear as a slide type fastener with my lighter weight shawls...they absolutely never slip.

  8. I take the two ends and pull them behind by back and fasten them with a clip ( a barette works well here). The look is more like a shrug but the ends are well taken care of and the thing stays put. I love to make shawls and tend to wear them when I am not too active.