Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Will it ever end?

I love Color Affection, the uniquely beautiful shawl created by up-and-coming designer Veera Valimaki. I also adore Bijou Lhasa Wilderness, the unusual yak and bamboo luxury blend yarn died by the venerable Lorna's Laces. But I'm at the end of my rope. Will I ever finish this damn thing? Will I spend all of eternity endlessly knitting garter-stitch stripes?

I persevere, but good God, I'm bored. Almost at the end, I'm now knitting across  hundreds and hundreds and HUNDREDS of stitches. Every row is an unceasing procession made tolerable only by remaining completely mindless. 

I long to finish this project and go back to sweater knitting. I hate knitting shawls. The next time I yammer on about making one, please remind me that I hate the process and never end up wearing the shawl either. Sigh...


  1. When the endlessness starts to get to you is when you need to plug in an audio book or watch something especially fascinating (if possible) on TV or get your favorite movie loaded up. It makes the garter st fade away. :D having said that I recently was doing the picot bind off on the lovely shawl Summer Flies, and even with audio help I thought It was never going to end. I had to do it in stages with other knitting in between. Where the long garter rows of Color Affection didn't get to me until the last third, the picot bind off was somehow torture. Even though I love the affect it gives.

    Think of your shawl as a big scarf...wear it in the Winter as such. Or in Air Conditioning in the Summer, inside.

  2. Here's a clue: Don't knit plain garter stitch shawls.

    Pick one with a nice lace pattern, make it a faroese one to hug your shoulders, and you'll be much happier. I loved working Anne Hanson's Irtafa'a

  3. I just cast on for this. I knew it would drive me crazy by the end but I'm getting into more complicated patters, I'm learning lace and going to try cables, and I need a project I can take to stitch & bitch. I can't talk and do complicated things so I picked this because it was so pretty, I'm not setting a time limit on it I'll just work on it gradually. Maybe when I'm 90 I'll be done!

  4. re: the title ....the answer is "NO".
    Novartis needs to develop a knitter's patch!

  5. You can always send your shawls off to a friend ;) Address available upon request!

  6. Hahahah
    I'm sorry to laugh at your pain,'s like you took the words right out of my mouth! I just finished a Mara shawl (not even a stripe!) and it was a hellish behemoth! If it makes you feel any better, your shawl is looking spectacular.