Thursday, June 14, 2012

Hourglass redefined

I just had to share this little laugh with you since it describes my figure to a tee!

But these extra minutes don't mean that I have time on my hands. My graphic design business veritably buzzes; I'm busier than the proverbial bee. Of course, I still make time each day to knit. I'm making progress on the Trio Jacket despite ripping out four inches last night when I found an error in the cables. I wish I'd remember to check at the end of every row; I'd save myself a lot of time. But no matter. I'm really enjoying this project.

Ravelympics starts in a few weeks! Join Team Knitting at Large if you'd like to participate. I was going to finish my Early Bird Cardigan, but I think I'm going to make the Audubon Shrug instead. I am confident that I can finish this shrug in the prescribed two weeks. I shopped a bit this morning and ended up finding just what I needed from my very own LYS - AKA my yarn shower. I'm going to whip up the shrug in my favorite yarn: Berroco Ultra Alpaca in Stone Wash Mix. I have several skeins left over from the sweater I made Tom a couple of years ago for Christmas. It will do just fine and I won't spend any money either. Aren't I virtuous?

The Audubon Shrug, designed by Lisa Shroyer, appears in her book, Knitting Plus. She designed it specifically for a larger figure. Here's one of my favorite renditions from one of my most favorite knitters, Francesca

Dedicated readers of this blog may remember that I started this shrug a couple of summers ago before abandoning it - I don't even remember why. But I did think it fit me pretty well as shown here on my dress form. This time, especially with the support of Team Knitting at Large, I'm going to get to the finish line! And with a new sweater, too.

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  1. I want to make one too! I don't think I could finish it in the allotted time though. I'll make mine after Ravelympics.