Friday, July 6, 2012

Graceful Trio Jacket update

I'm moving right along with my Trio Jacket. Made with the delightful Grace yarn from The Woolen Rabbit, the cardigan showcases a beautiful lace panel, cabled faux side seams, and a full collar. I'm done with the back and am now working on the right front. Won't be long until I've wrapped up the entire body and can move onto the sleeves. I'm anxious to get this put to bed before the end of the month so that I'm freed up for Ravel!@#$%^.

The only bad things about all-on-one-piece sweaters is that they're huge! Or at least they look huge. My crossback in these pictures is wider than it looks because the edge curls in. I'll fix this with blocking.


  1. This is just too fabulous for words.

  2. It's beautiful You put a lot of work into that.

  3. I like what i see.