Monday, July 16, 2012

Graceful Trio pics

I met up with my peeps this weekend for the Dream Sweaters monthly get-together. Lots of fun, as usual!  Dottie kindly photographed me in my Graceful Trio Jacket.

Tom says he can't tell about a sweater I'm making until it's done, but I think this is coming along pretty well. Excuse the clunky Hawaiian shirt underneath as well as the just-started sleeve on the right.

The sweater fits well, I think. This back photo shows that my usual mods have removed the extraneous fabric from my waist. The mighty derriere is still apparent, but no sweater is going to eliminate that! My daily swimming is working on it, however.

Here's a close up of the lace - pretty, isn't it? I'm very pleased with the Woolen Rabbit Grace hand-dyed yarn. I've knitted several skeins without any color pooling; note that I have not even had to resort to knitting  between two skeins at once to eliminate pooling. The yarn is so well dyed I don't have to do anything but knit!

My only concern thus far is the side view. As you can see, the sweater is riding up in the back. I even put in short rows around my hips. I'm hoping that when I get the sleeves in the cabled seam section will lift up a bit and even off at the bottom. Pray for me, would you? ;-)

I'm enjoying the sleeve construction. The pattern calls for picking up stitches around the armhole and then knitting short rows to create the sleeve cap. After the cap is completed, you then continue knitting down to the cuff. It's fun! And no seaming (Teresa!). The lace inset adds lots of charm, too. 

More soon! Hopefully this baby will be put to bed before Ravel!@#$%^ starts at the end of the month. Then all I'll have to do is wait until November when I can actually wear it.


  1. That looks gorgeous. Hmmmm, I have some tosh...

  2. Maybe you can block the back a bit longer? Looks very nice anyway. Love that Tosh!

    1. It's not's better! Check out Fabulous, and she'll dye a sweater's worth of yarn for you so you'll have the same dye lot.

  3. I love it. I would love to be able to knit my own sweaters but find following a pattern so frustrating and confusing. I love to knit in the winter, and make patchwork blankets, envelope cushions and anything that can be knitted in a rectangle! I've designed and made a pair of pink opal earrings for my latest giveaaway, if you fancied entering. Em ♥

  4. I love it! I don't think it is riding up that much (it would not have popped into my mind very loudly if you had not mentioned it), and agree with the person above who asked if blocking would help.

  5. I can't get over the fast pace you and some of the gals(eh-hem...Deb G.)knit a whole sweater or vest. It's so inspiring.
    As for the color and especially the lace..It is outstanding. Beautiful.
    I can see what you are referring to re: the back riding up..mine do that too. But it is only a tad. If you didn't bring it to the viewer's attention it probably wouldn't even be noticed all that much! But, I know, it bothers the sweater's knitter to no end when things like that are there. Nice neat looking shoulders. You are really enjoying this project and it shows. t_a

  6. Gorgeous color on you and it fits so nicely in the front.

  7. This sweater looks fantastic on you. Lovely photos. Problem solver at work here: Is there a neckband on this sweater that still has to be worked? If so that will push it back a bit towards the back. A few short rows in the neckband would help too. I love this sweater on you. It's going to be wonderful.