Monday, July 30, 2012

My Ravel!@#$%^ Pullover - Part 1

The Ravelry Olympics (aka Ravelympics, Ravelenics, or my personal favorite, Ravel!@#$%^) commence! With the athletic theme, you'd think we'd get a good workout during the next couple of weeks, but alas, it won't be an aerobic one.
I cast on for my Ravel!@#$%^ Pullover over the weekend. With just 16 days to complete an entire ample sweater, I knew I'd better pick something with big yarn, big needles, and short sleeves. Better yet, a top-down sweater that would let me stop wherever I am on day 15 and bind off. Thus, I selected Bernat's free Leaf Top pattern and dug through my overflowing yarn shower to find some appropriate bulky yarn: Berroco Vintage Chunky in Breezeway.

The pattern comes in finished bust sizes up to 62-inches, so that's easy - no mods required for the top of the garment. I'll of course add waist shaping and additional room for the mighty derriere. However, I'm planning on making this top shorter and wearing a dark, long-sleeved tee underneath, so I may not need to add expand the hips too much anyway.

Just a few more rows and I'll be done with the lace bits. Then it's literally all down hill after that, just endless stockinette stitch until I get to the garter row hem.

Meanwhile, my Trio Jacket lies in a heap next to my chair waiting for me to return from this distraction. I've almost finished the first sleeve; just the second sleeve and the neckline finishing to go and that sweater will be history - until the fall when I can actually wear it.

So, go Team Knitting at Large! I hope everyone is having as much fun as I am hustling to get their project finished.


  1. and re the lave top: Woo Hoo No Charts!!!!
    guess who

  2. Kudos, Julie, its beautiful, keep chuggin'


  3. You must have flames coming out of your needles!