Thursday, August 30, 2012

Much better

Whew! After two miserable attempts at picking colors for my Hiro Cardigan, I've finally found my just-right combination and finished a swatch that doesn't make me cringe. :-)

I'm using Berroco Ultra Alpaca in these colorways:
  • 6232 Pastel Pink
  • 6233 Rose Spice
  • 6258 Cyclamen
  • 62171 Berry Pie Mix
Last night, I also finished the second sleeve on my Graceful aka Trio Jacket. All I have to do now is a neckline bind-off and block.

Tom and I will soon be in Maine where I plan to do some serious sitting around, eating out, watching the scenery, and knitting. Hiro Cardigan, here we come!


  1. Pretty! What part of Maine will you be visiting? I hope you have an awesome time in my happy, north-east state :)

  2. Thanks, Kristen! I'm a New Englander at heart (if not reality) so it will be good to go home. We're staying in Northport which is on the water between Camden and Belfast. Cannot wait!

  3. Have a few lobsters while you're there!
    OK..Tom's going , but....where's Moose our Mascot???!!

  4. Moosie is going to stay with my ex-husband and his two dachshund puppies... POOR MOOSIE!

  5. Such a beautiful area! Are you planning to attend any of the Fiber College classes while your up here? It's in Searsport from Sept 6–9.

  6. Hester from AtlantaAugust 31, 2012 at 9:52 AM

    Yes, I agree. Over the years I have tried to work with Pink mixed with other colors, and for reasons I am not sure of, most of the time pink looks the best is when it is mixed with different values of pink. I also really dislike lavendar/purple when it is mixed with yellow - in my opinion this is a big ugh! Good luck with the sweater.

  7. looks fabulous, great blend you have going on there... travel safe and come home well-rested...

  8. oh now I want to make one of those too!

  9. That swatch is perfectly GORGEOUS!!! And that is one of my favorite yarns EVER. You've really picked a winner I think.