Monday, August 6, 2012

Ravel!@#$%^ progress

ACKKKK! Ravel!@#$%^ ends this Sunday, August 12 and I have to finish an entire sweater by then! I'm making fairly good progress, as you can see:

I'm now past the armhole divide and am knitting downward to the finish. My biggest concern is that it's too large, especially in the back. This is an on-going concern for me with any sweater that doesn't have a crossback measurement like on a set-in sleeve garment. I get a good fit when I can tighten up the back above the waist, but raglans and round-neck sweaters by their very nature can't give as tailored a fit, at least on a large, curvy woman like me.

As an example, compare my Under Toad to the Sophisticate. From the side, you can see that I have a smoother fit on the Under Toad, a set-in sleeve design, that on the raglan Sophisticate.

You can really see the difference from the back. Look at how baggy the upper back is and how the extra fabric pools at my waist.

I'm afraid my Ravel!@#$%^ Pullover is going to be the same. But I'm not going to worry about it. Not everything I own needs to be tailored, and I envision this sweater being a comfortable vest/tunic that I wear around town. (Frankly, all of my sweaters are knock-abouts, but who's counting?).

Anyway, I'll be back to knitting this evening while watching men's gymnastics, track and field, springboard diving, and beach volleyball. Either that or reruns of Storage Wars, because I'm madly in love with Barry Weiss.


  1. Hi Julie, Here's a suggestion. If the back is going to be too wide, when you separate for the sleeves you could move the sleeves toward the back an inch or more on each side. Then the back would be a couple of inches narrower and the front would be wider (where most of us need a little extra fabric!). Just a thought.

  2. All of your sweaters are very pretty. I plan to knit one like you are making now as soon as I get some other projects finished.

  3. uh oh these games have zoomed on by. i hope i can finish my radiate.

  4. Hi Julie,

    What about adding some ribbing in the middle back. It could help pull in some of that extra fabric. Then you could go back to stockinette when you need more room.

    Keep up the good work!

  5. "(Frankly, all of my sweaters are knock-abouts".....)

    Are You kiddin' me!!!!
    Seriously..I wouldn't consider this as a 'knock about' sweater!!