Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Hiroic update

I'm busily slaving away at my Hiroic, aka Hiro by Julia Farwell Clay. I spent weeks working on the (very boring) stockinette body of this cardigan, knitting it once and discovering to my abject dismay that I'd screwed up the decreases. I frogged the entire body of the sweater and started over. SIGH.

But this time it's worked out perfectly. I decided to go with Julia's original hem which works better than the inch of ribbing I'd tried with the first version.

The truly unique colorwork fascinates me; it looks like a pixelated gradient to this graphic designer! Despite my professional expertise, I've struggled to come up with a palette that satisfies me; you may remember my first disastrous attempts. I settled on the gradient from aubergine to pink but I'm still not happy with the lightest color. I wish I could find the next shade up from the rose but I've spent hours looking for the perfect color to no avail. Today I decided to buy an extra skein of Ultra Alpaca in Pink Berry Mix, as shown on the right. I need to swatch, but I think I might like the more subtle coloration, even with the shift in tones. With the extra yarn, at least I can try it.

Last night, I finally got to knit some of the fantastic colorwork. I didn't know you could fall in love with a cuff, but I have. The gentle color shift embodies my original vision for this cardigan. Now I can't wait to finish the sleeves so I can get to the yoke.

And here's some good news! I'm happy to announce the winners for the two recent giveaways. Congratulations to Meghan (anythingbutsnow on Ravelry) who won Marly Bird's Simona Vest and Brenda (bchimomof3 on Ravelry) who won Deb Gemmell's Need a Plus Cardigan? book. Thanks to everyone, as always, for reading and participating!


  1. REALLY like the new color, Julie. I totally agree that it's a bet meld than the lighter pink. Totally pink parfait, now! :)

  2. Yes! the new color addition is THE choice!
    The sleeve makes me want to knit colors very soon!
    Don't ya hate it when hours of knitting have to be frogged??? The Alpaca Ultra seems to frog and knit up will, though. Some yarns (like the Plymouth Galway I'm using) leave one with a batch of fusilli looking fiber after frogging! LOL

  3. Gorgeous!!!


  4. Wow, I do love that cuff. That colorwork really is stunning, and I think I like your combo better than the one in the designer photos!

  5. Mmmmmmmmmmm . . . richer, smoother, sexier!