Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Delicious Danish

Lourien writes:
Hi Julie,
Some months ago I discovered your website Knitting at Large. That was a great moment in my (knitting) life! After years and years of “crying” and being in low spirit, I finally found some good patterns for my xx(x)l size! So thanks for all your pioneer work, your sense of humor etc. :-)  
So my first reason to write you this mail is to thank you, my second one is to ask you what you think about the patterns of Annette Danielsen (Denmark), especially these from Strik i stor stil. I like these patterns very much. It’s a modern style and the colorwork is different. The problem is that these patterns are written in Danish - there’s just one in English on Ravelry.  
By mail, Annette Danielsen told me that it’s too expensive for her to get the book translated in English  As most of her other books, Strik i stor stil will be available in German. Probably in spring 2013.  
Nevertheless I ordered her book, the Danish version. I will first try “kringlen.” So with the explanation of the pattern in English as well with the help of some internet knitting translation sites, I hope I can manage it! Perhaps there are some Danish plus size ladies in the Knitting at Large group who can help if there’s a problem?
Wish you all the best and as autumn and winter are approaching: a warm and happy 2012-2013 knitting season! 
My goodness! A thousand thanks to Lourien for bringing to our attention this beautiful book which is called Knit in Great Style in English. I bet you will be thrilled with the designs like I am  - and all modeled by ample women, too. The patterns, which come in sizes up to 52 inches, give you the option of straight sides, A-line shaping, or waist shaping. This is the approach I took in my Carnation Vest pattern, and it's great to see another designer provide these options for larger women who have more variable figures.

The Slideben is my favorite because I know from experience that large collars help balance my mighty derriere and frame my face nicely, too. I would love to make this cardigan and I know I'd wear it all the time, too.

I'm loathe to try circle sweaters because of my belly, but there are some ample gals out there who would look splendid in the remarkable Kringlen. Look at the innovative colorwork on the back of the sweater! I've never seen anything like it. This is the one design that has been translated into English.

Can you say Saturday sweater? That's what I'd be wearing every weekend if I owned this dolman pullover. Annette calls it Kimono, which is an apt name given the fit.

It's rare to find a knitwear design that you haven't seen in some other form somewhere else. Knitting is by it's very nature derivative. Designers routinely take a cable from this and lace from that and make a new pattern. But Annette broke the mold with this creation. I love it, and no, I do not think it would make you look fat -  it would make you look beautiful. I have no idea how to pronounce the pattern name, nor what it means, but this design is called Først den ene vej.

I'm showing you four patterns from the book, but there are seven more, too. Annette offers a flip book that you should definitely check out if your like these sweaters.

As Lourien reports, the book will be available in German next year. If I can get the book (still working on how to actually buy this), I'm going to take Lourien's challenge, buy this book, and see if I can figure it out. With all the translation software out there, along with that great knitting translation site Lourien mentioned, this must be doable. Or maybe if enough of us buy Annette's book, she'll consider translating future designs into English. I am certain we'd buy them if she did.


  1. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. If you look at her patterns, some additional are available in English, so she must not be totally opposed to translation. I'd def buy an English version of the book or the patterns. There are some great designs. If I knew danish I' jump on it!

  2. WHhat a great letter , what a beautiful pattern book!
    I think it so important to have models like these styling ample/plus fashions.
    If I were to see a thin or average size gal modeling these I would not even click on some of the patterns, thinking some would not be suitable to a larger figure. Wrong!
    Thanks for this post.

  3. I really like the sweater on the cover, too. I love how the models rock these sweaters. Someone on the Knitting at large forum was looking for a sweater for scrap yarn- that last one would be great! We really need to figure out Danish!

  4. I love these sweaters but Amazon doesn't have the book in English or Danish. Do you know where we can get it?

  5. I'm actively working on this now... I spoke via email with the designer yesterday and am tracking down some resources here in the US and Europe. I will report back when I figure it out. Thanks for reading and posting, Robin!

    1. Hi! You have a fantastic site! (This is my first comment here.) :)

      Once the book is translated to German, it should be pretty simple to buy through Amazon.de; there may be a similar Danish site, but I'm far more familiar with ordering German books.

      I'm heading straight over to Rav to look at more of this designer's work -- gorgeous stuff!

  6. Would you please put in a vote for shipping to Canada, too? Or making it available through Ravelry. Lovely, flattering designs. Thanks for introducing it to us!

  7. Keep me in mind too when you find something out. These are fantastic.

  8. Wow, this is glorious! We have to figure out how to get it translated. German won't work any better for me than Danish :-) And these sweaters are fabulous.

    Thanks for bringing it to our attention. I was trying to figure out what you were talking about in the ravelry group, and realized I'd missed this post.

  9. Great Sweaters!! I suspect it would be easier to translate German to English than Danish. I'm sure you'll let us all know if & when this book is available???