Friday, October 5, 2012

If at first you don't succeed...

Back to my Hiro Cardigan. You may remember that I bought 500 balls of yarn (hyperbolic, but close) in my attempt to create a smoothly transitioning gradient. I love how the cuff of the sleeve looks with the subtle color change and want to replicate this look throughout the yoke.

No other knitter has taken the gradient approach and given how difficult it has been for me to find the just-right yarn, I can see why. Maybe I should have used Cascade 220 or another line that offers a gazillion colors; Knit Picks Palette also comes to mind, but it's not worsted weight. Anyway, after deciding that the light pink didn't work, I added lavender to the mix, which looked great on paper - or screen as the case may be.

But when I swatched, the lavender looked dull - or at least that's what Tom said. He usually never ventures an opinion about my projects, but he took one look at the swatch and announced it was just not right. It's a little hard to tell in this crappy picture, but he was right. The purple is much less saturated than its companions. SIGH. Back to the drawing board. Again.

I spent hours online looking for an alpaca/wool blend in the perfect medium pink. Nothing even close. So I went back to the Berroco website and examined the Vintage color palette. I know from experience that Vintage is as soft as Ultra Alpaca and about the same weight, so I figured what did I have to lose? There was only one color possibility: Blush. 

The yarn came in yesterday and I went to work. Ladies and gentlemen (are there really any dudes reading this?), we finally have a winner. The new hue fits in well, offers the same intensity, and blends nicely from a fiber/weight perspective, too.

With the color palette finally settled, I'm racing to the yoke. I've finished the body and will be done with both sleeves in the next day or two. Then I'll link it all together, knit a few inches in the solid burgundy color, and finally begin the colorwork. My Hiro is definitely in the running to become my favorite sweater of all time, assuming it fits well. Let's hope.

I've come a long way, baby! Remember my first swatches? Whew, are these ugly! Perseverance is really the mother of invention.


  1. Gorgeous Julie!! It really is the perfect pink. I can't wait to see it finished! :D

  2. Julie,

    You've got your set now, but in the future, if you want to knit a gradient, check out the Colorshiftyarn vendor on Etsy

    I've not purchased from her yet, but have her bookmarked for a future project.

  3. how cool is that! thanks for sharing... I'll definitely bookmark this shop for future projects.

  4. Big difference!Love it!

  5. It looks great! I think your effort of finding the perfect colors will definitly pay off!

  6. I hate the trial and error portion of what we do, but when you finally hit the jackpot, like you just did, makes it all worthwhile... beautiful outcome there...

  7. Just gorgeous! I love all the sweaters you make! Can't wait to see more!