Friday, November 9, 2012

The Knitting at Large Knit Picks KAL!

Today I'm thrilled to announce the Knitting at Large Knit Picks KAL!

Knit Picks is one of the few yarn companies that truly supports support of the ample knitting community. Kerin Dimeler-Laurence, Knit Picks' in-house designer, routinely offers her incredible designs in sizes up to 64 inches. To celebrate this commitment as well as the terrific patterns, join the rest Knitting at Large community in a Knit Picks KAL.

It's easy to participate:

  1. Join the Knitting at Large Knit Picks KAL group on Ravelry.
  2. Choose the Knit Picks ample garment of your choice. Check out the other sections on the Knit Picks website for additional pattern options, too.
  3. Buy your Knit Picks yarn or use some of that stash you've been storing up all these years.

Don't worry... the KAL doesn't begin until Saturday, January 5, 2013. That gives you plenty of time to finish your holiday knitting. You should also put this project on your Christmas list - maybe Santa will leave some Knit Picks yarn under your tree!

I'll be interviewing Kerin Dimeler-Laurence to learn more about her design sensibility and commitment to our community. Plus I'll be doing a great Knit Picks project giveaway soon, too where one lucky winner will win the pattern and yarn needed to make the Knit Picks pattern of her dreams! Stay tuned.

In the meantime, here are just a few of the beautiful projects you can do for the Knitting at Large Knit Picks KAL.


  1. I'm in! Cause, ya know, I need some more stuff in progress.

  2. *sigh* and such a pity that Knit Picks won't send overseas.

  3. You're so good at starting things!

  4. you're the one that started it all, Shelda!

  5. I'm going to do the Black Oak... first. too many gorgeous cables to choose just one, but for now, I will

  6. that was me