Friday, December 21, 2012


The dude next door has a digital clock out on his patio that counts down how many days there are until Christmas. Not sure if he's trying to keep track of shopping days or if he wants to drive little children out of their minds, but the device freaks Moosie OUT whenever we walk by it. Moose isn't used to fat, little men  being at his eye level.

I'm not counting down until Christmas - no, I've got my eye on the Knitting at Large Knit Picks KAL which starts January 5. I'm all set! My box of Celestial Blue KP yarn showed up this week much to my delight. I'm using Knit Picks' cashmere blend Capra to make GlennaC's Ravine.

Some girls are planning on casting on on Christmas Day and I think I'll join them. After Tom and I open our presents, we'll be settling down for a long winter's nap followed by a ham dinner. As Martha says, it's a good thing. Just ask Moosie.

I am taking off next week and should have time to post a two-part article with Knit Picks' designer, Kerin Dimeler Laurence. I'll also be detailing the next step in knitting a sweater that fits, and will show you the beautiful present I'm getting from the beloved boyfriend (I picked it out so I know what's coming).

Regardless of your own personal countdown, be it to Christmas or our KAL, I pray it will be stress-free. If nothing else, the world didn't end today so it's all up from here. 


  1. and....we are still here!
    Have a Beautiful Christmas, Julie.
    Can't wait to see the surprise!
    ps...get ready for some serious Downton knitting!

  2. LOL! Love the cartoon!

    I'm celebrating the Winter Solstice today. The days will now start getting longer if only by minutes a day. But it means Spring will eventually be coming! Horay!!!

    Oh, that heavenly blue yarn!!!
    It's going to make the most beautiful sweater!

    Have a wonderful Christmas, Julie and Moosie and Tom too. Notice how I mentioned Moosie FIRST! LOL!
    HUGS and Best Holiday Wishes!
    Pat and Zip!

  3. It sounds like a wonderful holiday. A very merry to you and yours.