Friday, December 7, 2012

Gotta love a quickie

Get your head out of the gutter! I'm talking about my just-finished Sashay. I crocheted this long, lovely scarf in just a week and made it 25 percent longer, too. The best thing is that although it was quick and easy, it doesn't look that way. The scarf is truly gorgeous.

The colors meld and marl (not sure that's a verb) together to make a truly extraordinary pallet of warm and cool greens and roses. I am surprised how good it looks with denim but that's lovely synchronicity since I wear it all the time. Here's a crappy picture of me in my flannel nightgown, denim vest, and Sashay. What a site.

I didn't make any modifications because I loved how it looked on the cover of the new Berroco Lodge booklet. I'm not that crazy about the rest of the patterns because they rely on color pooling - not my favorite look. But by alternating two different colorways, the completely striping disappears in the Sashay.

My only advice: unless you want to make your scarf significantly longer like I did, you should buy only three balls of each color rather than the prescribed four. Even though I extended my scarf, I still had an entire extra ball of rose and a third of green left at the end.

The pattern calls for Lodge, a new offering from Berroco, which the company describes as, "mesmerizing color transitions... punctuated with vibrant tweed flecks. The lofty wool blend is spun into a single ply and works up quickly into gorgeous stripes." The yarn is comprised of 47% nylon, 47% wool, and 6% rayon; I prefer all-natural fibers, but this combination creates warmth and softness around my sensitive neck. Berroco Lodge retails for $8.00 a skein and comes in ten lovely colorways.


  1. Hey, that outfit coordinates perfectly. Maybe you should shorten the nightie and wear it as a top with the vest and scarf. I love those colors!

  2. great job, Julie... I'm working on quickie's for Christmas, myself... :-D