Wednesday, February 27, 2013


For better of for worse, I decided to just move onward with my pink, teal, and cream Bartok's Tunic. I've spent the better part of two weeks screwing around with this one sleeve. It's time to press on - or block as the case may be.

This sleeve is in desperate need of blocking, but I think it will be okay. The sweater is mostly white when taken as a whole; the stranding on the sleeves offers a little punch of color which is softened by the field of snow around it.

Most of all, I love how my sleeve shows off the beautiful chart created by Julia Farwell-Clay. Her inspiration came from Bohemian embroidery, but the design reminds me of the hex signs from my Amish and Quaker roots.

Onward to the second sleeve...


  1. Your color choices are better than the ones in the original pattern! I can't wait to see all your pieces done and put together...though knowing you from your blog, that will probably be done in a couple of days. You are amazing!

  2. (Strikes a cord on her piano) (hums the tone.'Hmmmmmmmm'
    Belows out a hearty rendition of
    "Happy Birthday to YOUUUUU....
    Happy Birthday Dear JULIEEEEEEE,
    (big breath) HAPPY BIRRRRRRth Daaayyyy to
    YOUUUUUUUUU!(ends with a flourish of the keys)
    Feliz Cumpleanos, Chica!!!!

  3. Golly, Julie, that's just gorgeous