Tuesday, February 12, 2013


My youngest nephew, Spencer just celebrated his 15th birthday and I'm happy to say that my gift was his very favorite. I made the beloved kid a replica 14-foot-long Dr. Who scarf from.

Who? That's what I said. For those like me who are also not in the know, Wikipedia reports:
Doctor Who is a British science fiction television programme produced by the BBC. The programme depicts the adventures of a Time Lord—a time travelling, humanoid alien known as the Doctor. He explores the universe in his 'TARDIS', a sentient time-travelling space ship. Its exterior appears as a blue British police box, a common sight in Britain in 1963, when the series first aired. Along with a succession of companions, the Doctor faces a variety of foes while working to save civilisations, help ordinary people, and right wrongs.
As least Dr. Who isn't a gun-toting, anti-social drug addict! But the main character does wear a crazy-long striped scarf and Spencer wanted one BAD. His wish is my command.

I used Tara Wheeler's free pattern for the scarf from Season 12 - apparently someone reknits this thing in the same colors but with different stripes every year (!). The pattern calls for Cascade 220 but Spencer didn't want even-remotely itchy wool around his neck, so I used Berroco Vintage instead. Vintage is an uber-soft wool/acrylic blend that is a step above most non-natural fiber yarns. 

On Spencer's birthday, I posted my birthday wishes and a photo of the scarf on Facebook. His response made me cry: Aunt Julie, Have I ever mentioned how Awesome you are, because You.... ARE AWESOME. I'll tell you who's awesome. It's that kid! I've made a lot of knitted gifts in my time and no one has made me feel more appreciated than Spencer.


  1. It is awesome that your teenager gave you such public kudos- he must really like you and the scarf!

  2. He goes right to the top of your knit-worthy list! Proper appreciation = lots more cool knitted stuff :)

  3. Best. Auntie. Ever!!
    Way to go Jul!! <3

  4. What a blessing to have such a considerate and appreciative teen in your life!!