Thursday, March 21, 2013

Rolling downhill

Whew, what a miserable week. What started as a scratchy throat blossomed into full-fledged flu by the weekend and then barreled free-fall to pneumonia. Could you hear me hacking up a lung in Montreal? I wouldn't be surprised. God bless my beloved Dr. Kwon for rescuing me with heavy-duty meds and lots of kindness. I'm feeling a little better already.

A quick update on my projects. I slog on with my Bartok. I'm in the middle of acres and acres of white stockinette - oh my God, it's like driving on the Ohio Turnpike in foggy gray snow. Unending.

My only salvation is that I'm trying some new shaping to adjust for that unfortunate lift that occurs in the back of every one of my sweaters. Here's one example: my Waltham.

For other sweaters, I've tried adding short rows at the top of my butt thinking that would give me the extra room I needed. But this time, I added them three inches above the hemline, about 20 percent in from each side. This will hopefully give me the extra length at the back hips and make the sweater look even when viewed from the side. You can see that I'm also working on the back waist shaping to give myself a better fit at the back waist, too.

Meanwhile, the sleeves wait patiently for me to finish. In my house, the leather recliner serves as hitching post for completed knitwear pieces.

I carry on amid coughing and general recovery. More news in my next post.


  1. How unfortunate to be sick a-bed for the first of Spring!
    Take your meds faithfully and heal.
    The Bartok sleeves are beautiful and I am sure it will be stunning as is your Waltham.

  2. Get well soon! That Waltham looks great, really suits you!

  3. get well fast julie! it certainly is not fun being 'under the weather'!!!
    ^)^ linda

  4. Ugh! Feel better soon, pneumonia is nothing to mess with (and sorry it's messing with you!).

    I like what you're doing to make the butt fit better (hmm, that sounds a little crude).

    And kudos for keepin' on keepin' on with all the stockinette. Takes fortitude sometimes, but then it can be kinda nice and relaxing whilst being sick.