Monday, April 1, 2013

Bartok to block

The only good thing I can say about having pneumonia for almost three weeks is that you get a lot of knitting done. I wrapped up the Bartok and took a quick middle-of-the-night iPhone pic just to check the fit.

This morning, I soaked the pullover in Eucalan and now it's laying out to dry (just like Moosie although he technically didn't get wet).

I'll have more pictures when it's dry. This is going to be one of those sweaters I wear once this season and then it will go in the trunk until next fall. Oh well, I knit sweaters all year long so it doesn't matter much. Just might need to buy another trunk!

Coming up: a review of Amy Herzog's new Knit to Flatter book and Craftsy class, a miniature Aran cardigan I'm making for my youngest sister who is pregnant, and the upcoming Mindy KAL - get your yarn now and start swatching!


  1. that is so gorgeous, Julie, kudos for all your hard work!!!

  2. Wow! That was fast(gauge was not chunky, so a gazillion sts).It looks very lovely!
    Hey! I haven't seen Moose in a long while!

  3. I love the shaping. You've really nailed it. It's a gorgeous sweater.