Monday, June 10, 2013

Sarah Lund's Sweater

While most Americans won't have heard of "Forbrydelsen," they may be watching season 3 of "The Killing," the AMC television drama that stars Mirielle Enos. "The Killing" is based on the aforementioned Danish series which has garnered high acclaim in Britain and Europe. My favorite parts of both shows are the wool sweaters each lead actress wears - see my previous blog entry, Killer sweaters in The Killing.

The last time Tom and I met our British friends Jamie and Hilary for dinner, Hil talked about how much she'd love to own her very own "Forbrydelsen" sweater, the one with the undyed black and white wool. Hil is a tiny little thing - I thought I could whip up this sweater in short order and make her happy, too.

I chose Cascade Ecological Wool in Natural and Black but truth be told it really looks cream and dark brown. The original sweater is knitted in bulky weight, undyed wool at a large gauge. I'm not crazy about the loose-knit look of the sweater, plus the Ecological Wool is a slightly lighter weight, so I'm knitting the jumper at a tighter gauge. It looks tidier but still keeps the look of the original.

Hilary is only 36 inches around with zero lumps or bumps or weird proportions. I'd be knitting 25 sweaters a year if I was her size! I'm shocked by how fast I'm knitting this sweater. With just a couple of nights of TV watching, I've finished a third of the sweater. Oh, to be thin.

When I'm finished, I'm attaching a "Love for Aunt Julie" tag to this sweater, too, just like I did for my sister's baby sweater. What the heck? I've got 49 more of them to use up and I don't mind being Aunt Julie to all my loved ones.


  1. NICE!!!!

  2. I love that show, too, but do you think they could show a little sun once in a while? You know you've got it bad when the first thing you notice about a scene in a film is the knitwear! HBO is running "The Day After Tomorrow" lately, and Sela Ward wears an amazing bias-knit-looking grey sweater in one scene that's to die for, and in a later scene it's even topped off with a granny square scarf. There are other great sweaters in that film, too.


  3. All throughout the series I notice the knits,even in minor characters.Every once in a while I view a season.
    But...I can't watch the show for long(Netflix instant)...too noir.