Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Julia Farwell-Clay and her new website

It's not often that my professional and knitting lives overlap, but today they do. I'm pleased and proud to announce that Julia Farwell-Clay now has a new website and I designed it! As a devout knitter, nothing is more fun than designing for a knitwear designer. This is especially the case with Julia. I've loved her work since she first hit the scene with the Takoma and the rest of her innovative, inherently wearable sweater patterns. Julia also designed my favorite cardigan, the Hiro - I loved making it and I love wearing it. Julia just rocks.

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Julia to create a fresh, fun brand that expresses her unique design sensibility. The website literally puts her terrific patterns front and center and makes it easy for knitters to both explore her work and purchase her patterns.

 If you're looking to make an amazing sweater, check out www.juliafarwellclay.com. Or contact Julie & Company today to give your company a new look or a new website.


  1. The web site is lovely. I especially like the clean, uncluttered vibe. Nicely done!

  2. Nice job, Julie!

  3. And a terrific web site it is! Congrats!

  4. Julie has a bunch of really great and unique patterns, love the vibrate colours she uses too!