Monday, September 16, 2013

Vogue Knitting quotes me - and gets it right

I had no clue. My client, pal, and favorite designer, Julia Farwell-Clay, writes this morning, "Hey,  I just saw you quoted in a little feature about plus size options in Vogue's Fall issue. Congrats!"


"Julie Matthews of the blog Knitting at Large demonstrated the absurdity of the gap between supply and demand for plus-sized pattern. She cited data from the Centers for disease Control revealing that more than 60 percent of Americans are overweight or obese. She then bemoaned the fact that only 14 percent of the patterns on at that time were designated as plus-size. "Plus-sized knitters are the most underserved market in the knitting industry," Matthews wrote. "We are screaming for more options. We will knit more if you make more."

Yep. I wrote "The absolute truth about plus-size knitting" to inform the knitting market about exactly what they're missing - which is a lot. Things are a little better now than in 2011, but the issue remains the same: plus-size knitters will knit more sweaters when we have more appropriately sized sweaters to knit.

The best news is that Vogue Knitting wins the most improved award. As proof, this Fall issue offers these ample patterns:

A-Line Cardigan - 55 inches

Aran Pullover - 54 inches

Plaid Coat - 54 inches

Fair Isle Coat - 50 inches

Lady In Red - 52 inches

Asymmetrical Tunic - 51 inches

Colorblock Coat - 52 inches

Cabled Colorblock Vest - 52 inches

Raglan Sleeve Pullover - 52 inches

Lace and Cable Pullover - 56.5 inches

Colorblock Cardigan - 54 inches

Applied Cable Fisherman's Rib Top - 54 inches

Lace & Fisherman's Rib Pullover - 56.5 inches

Oversized Top - 56 inches

Mullet-Hem Pullover - 52 inches

Sideways Turtleneck - 54 inches

Good work, Vogue Knitting! Remember that if we want designers to support us, we need to support them. If you can, buy a subscription to VK. Let's keep them keeping them coming.


  1. I might actually buy Vogue Knitting now! I've always refused before!

  2. That's amazing! Congrats on the recognition and being able to get the word out there.

  3. Congrats, Julie! Your efforts and hard work are getting the message out there. Imagine?! Vogue Knitting! Kudos.

  4. Thanks for noticing. We are very conscious of this issue. If you go to the pattern store on our site, you will see we have a tab called SIZE PLUS PATTERNS, making larger sizes easier to find.

  5. HooRAY! Now I'm looking forward to the day when Vogue hires a plus size girl (which in the fashion world is a 12?) to wear some of those beautiful designs.

  6. I almost bought the Vogue Knitting mag today because I saw so many plus patterns. Alas, only one pattern really caught my eye. Even so, thanks for all the plus patterns!

  7. LOL at juliafc! I was gonna say the same thing, because when skinny chics model clothes for plus size girls, we are NOT getting an accurate picture of what it's going to look like. Give us two views, how hard is it? A pic of the skinny version and a pic of the larger version. It's not that hard.

  8. oh and most of all...CONGATS Julie!!!

  9. Congrats Julie. And, to top it off, this post has made their Facebook page.