Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Once a year, Tom and I pack up our lives and venture north to our beloved New England. I may not have been born there, but I possess the soul of a New Englander. We're spending this week in our favorite home away from home, a beautiful little cottage on the Penobscot River in Maine. All I can say is ahhhhhhh.

The only joys in a long car ride are that Tom always drives and I always knit. This has given me ample time to work on my Red Rondo. I'm finally ready to start the colorwork, thank God. I've literally been knitting stockinette for MILES.

I'm hopeful I'll be able to finish the sweater this week - we'll see if I can do it while I'm relaxing with my beloved. So far, SO good.


  1. Julie, have a wonderful time!
    Nothing better than peace and quiet, love and knitting.

    It's good to see a picture of you and Tom!

  2. Have a fabulous, wonderful, happy knitting and time with Tom vacation in a gorgeous place! ENJOY!!!!!