Monday, January 13, 2014

How to remove candle wax from your favorite sweater


My brother and his wife had their annual post-holiday party this weekend. They hit on a fabulous idea several years ago: hold your Christmas party after the holidays when people don't have anything else to do. This way, everyone you invite shows up because they don't have anywhere else to go on a dark, cold January night. The party is always a lot of fun.

Except when Aunt Julie backs into a fancy, lit candle holder and promptly sprays hot wax all over the wall, the wood floor - and her favorite sweater. Remember my Hiro?

Yes. That sweater. Isn't it awful? Tom said it looked like I'd sat on a Krispie Kreme doughnut.

Because I'm a psycho sweater surgeon, my first idea was cut off the bottom and reknit! But then I thought better of this drastic action and got out the iron and the ironing board. I set the iron on Silk, a low setting. Then I laid a paper towel on the ironing board...

Placed the sweater on top, and then put another paper towel on top of that.

I gently placed the iron on the spot until I started to smell the candle fragrance (yuck - I now associate candle smells with wrecked hand-knitted sweaters).

I lifted the iron and viola! The wax had started to melt and adhere to the paper towel.

The wax didn't come up all at once - I had to do it several times, replacing the waxy paper towel as I went. I also turned the sweater inside out and ironed it from the back side, too.

I kept going and going and going and then the wax stain was gone!

I still smell a little of the (nasty) fragrance so I'm going to take it to the dry cleaners tomorrow. That's the best assurance I have that the smell will permanently be removed. 

I don't recommend potentially ruining your sweater with candle wax, but I can heartily endorse this removal technique. Back to normal! I'll be wearing this favorite cardi again soon.


  1. OMG! And on your favorite sweater too . . . glad to see it looks good as new. You are amazing.

  2. Whew! I'm so glad things worked out. That is a beautiful sweater.

  3. This is genius in its simplicity. I'd probably be in therapy right now, talking about how the wax ruined my life. I will definitely remember this tip.

  4. I used Nutimetics Nutriclean OLC to get candle wax off my jumpers. I just rubbed it on the wax and threw them in the washing machine and it worked! If not machine washable rinse by hand.