Saturday, February 8, 2014

Caveat knitter! Zips Dry Cleaners SUCKS

WARNING: NEVER take your dry cleaning to Zips Dry Cleaners. They'll take your beautiful hand-knitted sweater and return it two days later 30 percent smaller, violently faded, felted, and covered with glitter and feathers. Here's the photographic proof:

Then, to make things even worse, they'll:
  • Promise TWICE to send the wrecked sweater to the Dry Cleaning Institute and then fail to do so.
  • Spend weeks trying to "block" the cardigan into shape - which meaning that they tried to stretch it out 30 percent which of course does NOT work.
  • Refuse to provide any compensation for the $150 and three months it took to make this sweater, saying that they are not responsible because the handmade sweater didn't have a care label - how many knitters put care labels in their own sweaters??? 
  • Admit several times that they machine washed the sweater and before claiming they dry cleaned it.
  • Assert that sometimes 100% wool sweaters shrink during the dry cleaning process - despite the fact that they'd cleaned this sweater successfully several times previously without incident, and despite the fact that everyone knows this is utter bunk.
  • Fail to meet with the customer on the appointed day to discuss restitution.
  • Fail to call the customer to discuss restitution either.

It doesn't get any worse than this. Zips Dry Cleaners and Russ Kaplan (the owner and aka the guy who beat feet and never called me), are the biggest bunch of shysters I've ever had the displeasure of working with. Please spread the word. ZIPS DRY CLEANERS SUCKS.


  1. I'm sick to my stomach for you. What a horrible thing to have happen. I hope karma bites them all hard on the derrière.

  2. Wow, I am so sorry to hear this! What a heartbreak after all the time and investment in what was obviously a GORGEOUS sweater! I have to say after my wedding, I stuck my mother with the task of getting my dress cleaned and packaged. It was a beautiful whilte silk. Came back yellowed and out of shape. They finally agreed to pay me half of what it cost - because it had 'already served its primary function." Of course, the dress was irreplaceable, and the worst thing was that my mom felt so bad.... Sorry you had to go through this!

  3. I am so sorry to see this. I know nothing can replace the sweater, but I hope they make an attempt.

  4. What a shame! And what a bad customer service! – But I would never ever trust anyone else to wash my hand knitted garments. Never ever! I hand wash everything myself, so if something goes wrong I know I’m the only one to blame :D Luckily nothing’s gone wrong, yet…

  5. Three words: Better Business Bureau!!

  6. That is so not fair!
    See you on Judge Judy!

  7. I've never heard of Zips, so it will be hard to boycott them, but I'm with you in spirit. Clearly they made a terrible error and they deserved to be called out. That was a beautifu sweater, and it deserved better. But I agree with Adelheid, I would never send a sweater, even a store one to the cleaners. I think that good wool improves with proper washing, and I don't want all those nasty chemicals which take the life out of the wool. No matter what the label might say.
    Maybe you can find "a higher power" to complain to. I hope so. And how did they explain the feathers?

  8. HOLY COW!!! I am so sorry this happened to your beautiful sweater. No amount of money (okay, maybe a couple million bucks) can compensate you for your time, your talent, and your heart and soul -- let alone the cost of materials. This is horrendous, and I hope you do take legal action against them. (What do you mean, they WASHED it?) FWIW, I once took a hand-knitted, hand-painted silk sweater in to be drycleaned. As soon as it hit the counter, the clerk started backing away, waving his hands, and violently shaking his head. I got the feeling he didn't want to clean this sweater for me!! ;-) Perhaps he'd already ruined someone else's work and had faced The Wrath of Knitter! --Lynda in Oregon

  9. Julie, consider small claims court. You don't have to have a lawyer, and if Zips doesn't show up, you win. If nothing else, you could aggravate them nearly to DEATH with the court process!!! That, at least, would be some retribution. My sympathies are with you. What a beautiful sweater.

  10. It's one thing to mess up a sweater... I mean, everyone makes mistakes. But to not own up and pay you back for it? That's just unacceptable.

    Take 'em to Judge Judy! ;)

    Sarah | Chaffey Cleaners

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