Sunday, February 2, 2014

Custom Fit update

Wait. January is over? It's Groundhog's Day? Well, here's what I saw when I checked Punxatawney Phil this morning. Guess this means six more weeks of knitting. Works for me!

Since we last spoke, it's been 40 degrees below zero here in DC. Actually not; we just whine about any temperature under 40. But it has been unreasonably, unseasonably freezing, so I spent a couple of nights whipping up a Two-Way Cable Slouchy Hat by Sweater Babe. A quick knit and warm - probably too warm for a regular Washington winter, but at least I know own a hat for those few days every year I might need one.

Here I am modeling the creation, as well as a scarf I designed, Easiest Peasiest, a free pattern on Rav, if you're interested.

But mostly I've been working on my Custom Fit sweater, Springbrook. Named after my alma mater and its school colors, this is a sweater of my own design, created with Amy Herzog's Custom Fit software. I'm using Berroco Blackstone Tweed, a lovely alpaca, mohair, and angora blend in Narragansett (dark blue) and Foggy (light gray).

As you can see, I'm almost finished with the body of the garment. I like the results so much, I've decided to add sleeves to my original vest since I'm much more likely to wear a cardigan than a vest.

Thus far, the Custom Fit pattern has been spot on. Easy to use, easy to read, lots of details. I particularly like that the pattern gives comprehensive finished measurements for every piece. This lets you block your garment pieces to precise measurements rather than just laying out the wet sweater and letting it dry.  I've never seen a pattern offer this feature, and it's a good one.

The proof, of course, is in the pudding and by that I mean fit. If it doesn't fit, I must quit, as Johnny Cochran sort of chanted in a very unfortunate circus of a trial. At the end of this process,  I'm hoping I'm happy because I'd love to use Custom Fit to design sweaters of my own design, just as I've done with this one. I've got a million ideas and Custom Fit takes the worry out of the nuts and bolts of sweater construction so that I can just focus on the design.

Now I'm going to follow Punxsutawney Phil's lead and go back to knitting. Enjoy your Sunday, Groundhog's Day, and Super Bowl all in one!


  1. Adore the cables ! Love the sweater ..the colors are fantastic. Photo doesn't look like you w/o your Max Factor lips! LOL Am crazy about the weather forecast by the groundhog!

  2. I feel you about the weather, I'm 3 hrs away from DC and just cast on a super thick, warm shawl. Hope Phil's forecast holds up!

  3. Custom Fit sweater looks wonderful! Love the hat, too!